The Perfect Children Playing Indie Summer Series Friday

This Friday at the Indie Summer Series at Fountain Square, Cincinnati is in for a treat. The Perfect Children, Wussy, Pike 27, and JetLab are ready to start your weekend off the right way with amazing local music. We sat down with our friends, The Perfect Children prior to Friday to see what is up in their world! 

What has been happening in the world of The Perfect Children?
We've been playing out pretty regularly, but we've tried to be selective and have been setting up shows with touring bands that we're friends and/or fans of, so those shows have been super fun. We're rounding out the writing of our next record and are working those new songs into our live set to flesh them out and make them solid, confident, and intuitive when time to record. 

Are you excited to play Fountain Square for the MPMF Indie Summer Series? Who are you excited to check out this year at MPMF?
We're super excited to play Fountain Square! We've really been looking forward to this show all year, and we're certain our 40-minute set will knock folks out. The weather is expected to be near perfect, and with our 8 pm time slot and just the open, kid-friendly nature of this venue we're hoping some folks who might typically not be able to catch us will be able to this Friday.

As for bands we wanna check out at MPMF, Tune-yards and Truly come to mind, and hopefully we can catch our buddies in Heartless Bastards and Prim. Also, it will be cool to check out the Charles Walker Band before we play with them at MOTR on November 13. They are so high energy and full of soul! 

What is next for The Perfect Children?
We will continue to play steadily. Next up is opening The Cintucky Rock and Soul Review featuring the CD release of Daniel Wayne and The Silver Lines, with The Hiders, Sept.4 @ Northside Tavern.  We are also excited to be sharing the bill with The Buffalo Killers and All Seeing Eyes at the Rookwood in Mt Adam's Labor Day Fireworks Bash on Sunday September 6...BUT the recording of our follow-up to "Get Me Mine" is really what we're starting to focus on and get pumped about. Our process will be a little different this time around--these songs will have been honed more completely as an interactive, working live band, where our bass player Victor has been involved from the start. We believe this new batch of songs are even stronger, the band has been killing it live, and we can't wait to get it out to all the kind people who've supported us and shown us so much love!

The Perfect Children
Pike 27
Fountain Square
Friday, August 28th