Sharon Udoh and Margaret Darling at Listing Loon

Sharon Udoh is a Nigerian who began her music career right here in her hometown of Cincinnati. She has played with dozens of people in Cincinnati, developing and changing stylistically as she went. Now living in Columbus, she performs under the name Counterfeit Madison, and likes feeling all the feelings on a piano (or keyboard). All of the feelings. 

For Sharon, music is a way to be completely raw and authentic in this world, which is surprisingly really hard to find. 

So, Cincinnatians, On Monday, August 16th, Sharon will be performing at The Listing Loon as Counterfeit Madison with her musical partner, Maria Levitov. Both artists perform in their own solo projects; together, the emotionally stirring piano-guitar duo is reminiscent of both a warm September evening and a harrowingly cold January afternoon. Sharon and Maria plan to record a full length album together, tentatively under the name Auntie, beginning in Fall of 2016.

For Counterfeit herself, some moderate to heavy summer touring is in the near future, along with at least 8 more albums. She has a lot of feelings, you know.  

Go cure your case of the Monday’s with Sharon Udoh aka Counterfeit Madison w/ Maria Levitov and Margaret Darling at The Listing Loon in Northside!