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Interview with Cosmic Gate

While the melodic traces of trance don’t ring through the streets of Cincinnati too often, Germany’s most successful music duo, Cosmic Gate returned to the Queen City just a week ago. Although they’ve been leaders in trance since the early 90’s, it seems Cosmic Gate seems to be gaining even more speed. Since releasing their sixth album, Start To Feel, Bossi and Nic have been touring worldwide showcasing new work, their talent at remixing and more hitting everywhere between small cities to large music festivals and even Ibiza. 

Just before they brought all the feels, all night long to the crowd at Mynt Martini, Cincymusic.com got the chance to sit down with Cosmic Gate.

RP: How are you guys? How has the Start to Feel tour been?
CG: We’re good but tired. We just flew in from Europe. The tour has been great but it doesn’t seem like a new tour for us. It never really stops, they’re just given a different name. On tour we’ll showcase new music and remixes which you'll hear a lot of tonight. 

RP: How was your experience at Tomorrowland just a couple weeks ago?
CG: Tomorrowland is always an awesome experience. The setting in Belgium is beautiful. 

RP: You’re playing TomorrowWorld in September. Have you noticed a difference between Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld?
CG: Honestly there isn't a big difference. In the crowd, you see all these flags representing different nationalities. You see this also in the U.S. 

RP: As we’re comparing scenes between America and Europe. Why do you think that Trance isn’t as popular in the United States?
CG: Honestly, we don’t see that at all. There really isn’t a big difference. Trance was really popular in Europe and now those people have really focused in on what exactly they like. In America, popularity is growing but people are more open. They'll go to trance, house, and trap shows. That's good. You should be open to new music. 

RP: As DJ’s, how important do you think your energy and actual performance is?
CG: Funny you ask as we were just going to tweet about this. We're not ones to get up and jump on the table. Some people act like you have to do it. We don't like to yell at the crowd. We want to let the music speak for itself. We will show our energy and dance along. There's a difference between jumping up on the stage and then just staring down at the table. You either put the music before the performance or the performance before the music. We like to take the crowd on a journey.

RP: I try to keep up with a lot of artists and have noticed a few duos have called it quits to pursue solo careers. Why do you think Cosmic Gate has worked so well and what’s your advice for those duos starting out?
CG: It just comes easy. Were on the same page 99% of the time. You have to remember it's not just you. You can't have someone with a big head. If one person wants to do something and another one doesn't you've got to move on. It's important to make sure you both have the same vision. We both see the same thing for Cosmic gate.

RP: In a previous interview, you two had mentioned that your goal was to create music that would last a lifetime not just a moment. How is that executed?
CG: It's all about the listener and what they hear. We don't focus on what's popular at the moment. We focus on creating work that will reach people throughout the years. 

RP: I’m a big coffee drinker and everyone knows it. So, I like to ask do you drink coffee and if so, how do you take it?
Nic: I just recently started to drink coffee actually. I'm just trying new stuff to figure out what I like. I wish I was an espresso guy.

Bossi: Eh, I only drink it occasionally. So when I do, I really feel it! I'll usually just go to Starbucks and get a vanilla latte. I like those.