Ancient Warfare Tonight at MOTR

Kentucky’s Ancient Warfare will celebrate their record release show tonight at MOTR.  I had the opportunity to speak with songstress, Echo Wilcox, whose hauntingly stunning voice took ahold of my attention as I dived deeper into their latest album, The Pale Horse. I had the opportunity to speak with Wilcox prior to the show about their newest music video, which will be released in the next, and the bands AW spins while on the road. I read that your inspiration for The Pale Horse was the apocalypse, but it was mentioned that it's all encompassing, can you expand on that?

Echo Wilcox: The making of this record stretched over the course of several years between writing the material and the recording process. The idea of apocalypse was my initial reaction to a deep personal loss I experienced while recording the first few tracks. Relating less in terms of an epic sense (although it felt this way to me at the time) but rather all-encompassing where everything is related somehow and tied together. With every end there is a beginning and we are surrounded by apocalypses daily whether they be large or small revealing something new each time.   

CM: The single "The Last Living Trial" was just released. Can you talk to us about that song?

EW: There are many directions I could go into with this but in short this song is a reflection back to a particular night of stories and tribulations, love and loss, immersed by a sense of solitary understanding. 

CM: Watching the video for the album trailer was haunting, to say the least. Is there a music video to look forward to? 

EW: We were so lucky to have Landon Antonetti film this trailer. He's beyond talented and has an amazing eye and sense of understanding for exactly what we were looking for. And yes he is making our official music video which will be out so very soon. We just got done shooting this past weekend in fact and I was pretty moved by what he has already showed us.  

CM: When will it be released and for which song? What is the concept of the video?

EW: This is to our single, “Gunsmoke” and will be released most likely within the week.  The inspiration behind this video concept was from the story of La Loba which deals with resurrection 

CM: Do you/the band have an album that you play nonstop while on the road?

EW: Really love Arrow by the Heartless Bastards as well as Push the Sky Away by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. We rotate often though, but these are definitely in the mix. 

Ancient Warfare performs tonight at MOTR at 10PM with support from Hailey Wojcik. The Pale Horse will be available for purchase at the show tonight or here.