Along the Shore Has a New EP, Video and Show on Fountain Square

Along the Shore dropped their self-titled EP today as well as the video for the debut single, “Empty House” today! Go grab the EP HERE! is honored to debut the video of “Empty House”. 

This Friday you can catch Along the Shore at Fountain Square for the Midpoint Indie Summer Series with Matt Hires, Seabird and Judah & The Lion! We caught up with Kyle Rhodes and Claire Martin of Along the Shore prior to their exciting week to catch up!

Tell us about the making of the video “Empty House”…
Claire: Making the “Empty House” video was an absolute labor of love. It was shot in my late grandparent’s house; a place I practically grew up in. My grandfather passed away almost 2 years ago and my grandmother went to join him in January of this year. So, here was this literal EMPTY HOUSE…it held so many memories and undeniable character. I wrote the lyrics for the song as my grandmother’s condition declined. She loved my music and was so supportive en in her last days. It made all the sense in the world to shoot the video there. My grandparents would have wanted it that way.  

What does the new EP mean to the band?
Claire: This EP is such a milestone for us. We have come so far! We have finally found ourselves, in every sense of the meaning. The sound that you hear isn’t necessarily what we always intended to be but it’s where we have come from; our roots. We are in love with how it has turned out.  

Kyle: As most people know Along the Shore has been my baby for the last 6 years. About two years in we put out the “Believe In Me” EP and that has been the only music we’ve really released professionally. We put out a live EP and a few other recordings to keep people interested but as far as new music, people haven’t gotten any real recordings since 2011. I believe this EP represents the best parts of Along the Shore. We have our slow tracks and we have our upbeats tracks. 

One of the biggest take away for me is that this EP was made on our own. We didn’t go to a studio and have someone push the buttons while we performed. We were behind the controls and took the time to make sure everything met our standards before we released it onto all of you. Our guitarist Branden spent a lot of time recording, mixing and mastering this EP and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I would like to also add that I hope people take away are the lyrics. Claire and I work really hard to make a connection with these songs. I hope the fans are moved by some of these songs and that it inspires people to get up and follow their heart. 

How exciting is it to be apart of the Midpoint Indie Summer Series?
Claire: We couldn’t be more excite to be apart of the Midpoint Indie Summer Series! It’s been a long time dream for all of us to play on Fountain Square. We are totally honored and can’t wait! 

Kyle: I never thought in a million years that Along the Shore would be asked to play the Indie Summer Series. As Claire said it’s been a dream for all of us. To me it’s an acknowledgement of our growth. Along the Shore doesn’t sound anything like we use to and I’m so proud of that. We’ve grown as musicians and songwriters and this is a true test to see if we can get a bigger audience to notice all of that. We’ve always been complemented on our live show and I can wait to show this audience what we’re all about. It’s also the night we debut physical copies of our new EP, that in itself is exciting and to have it on Fountain Square is truly surreal

What is next for Along the Shore?
Claire: The chilly fall/winter seasons surely won’t slow us down. We are hard at work booking shows even into next summer. We look forward to working on new music and hopefully playing some out of town gigs. Things are looking great and I couldn’t ask for a better group to be doing music with. They complete me! 

Kyle: We’ve got some fun shows on the horizon. The fall is looking to be a fun one, just like this whole year has been. This year has been an absolute blessing. Along the Shore has done so much and it couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the fans. We’re already working on new music for a new EP or even a full-length album, who knows! We plan on taking Along the Shore on the road next year and I’m so excited for all the plans we have. Keep an eye on on all social platforms to see where you can catch us next!