The Ravenna Colt Want to Take You on a Journey at The Drinkery

The Ravenna Colt is the solo project of My Morning Jacket co-founder Johnny Quaid. Quaid departed the group amicably in 2004 after three studio albums and an array of EPs and singles. Terminal Current is his second LP as The Ravenna Colt. His debut, Slight Spell, was released in 2010.  

Quaid is known for being quite the nomad. Johnny Quaid (aka, John McQuade) grew up on a farm in Shelbyville, KY. Since then he toured almost constantly with the band he founded, My Morning Jacket for six years until 2004. He then moved back to Kentucky, then to California, Tennessee and now resides in Idaho. 

Johnny Quaid began The Ravenna Colt in 2008 as a vehicle for his songwriting. You can hear the traveler in him within the songs on Slight Spell. The Americana album is a journey of it’s own. The steel guitar will take you for a ride and make you want to go on a journey of your own. 

The Ravenna Colt is winding their way to The Drinkery with Heavy Hinges on Friday, July 17th. Show is at 10p.