Self Diploma Summer Concert Series to be discontinued

We have posted the press release from Self Diploma verbatim below:

3CDC & Self Diploma have produced free concerts for the city of Cincinnati every Saturday night on Fountain Square for the past 5 summers. Hundreds of national & regional musicians have had the opportunity to showcase their talent drawing hundreds of thousands of music fans to the heart of Downtown Cincinnati. 

Our focus over the years has been to bring together multi-cultural music fans of all ages to enjoy everything our great city has to offer. At times over 10,000 people have filled Fountain Square for a Saturday night of entertainment with no issues, driving traffic before & after to the local businesses of our city. 

While we strongly believe that the individuals instigating trouble at Government Square on July 4th, 2015 are not associated with our event, they have caused us to take immediate actions. Anytime a Police officer of our city is put in harms way, or patrons of an event we are producing feel unsafe to attend, we are always focused on what’s best for the city of Cincinnati.

After conversations with 3CDC we have mutually decided to discontinue our 2015 Summer Concert Series.

*With the extra security in place for the All-Star weekend – we will have ONE LAST PERFORMANCE – Cal Scruby – at an earlier time of 8p – 9p this Saturday July 11th, 2015.