Rockstead at Madison Live on Friday

Rockstead is a Cincinnati reggae-rock band consisting of Jake Burns (lead vocals, guitar), Tanner Briscoe (lead guitar), Victor Falco (Bass), and John Albertson (Drums). Rockstead surrounds themselves with positive vibes in all facets of their lives, and their music reflects that. 

Rockstead has a show this Friday at Madison Live with Sticky Fingers and we sat down with the band prior to the show!

Give us some background on Rockstead…
Before there was Rockstead, John (drums), Jake (guitar/vocals), and Victor (bass) had a punk band throughout high school called Broken On Impact. Towards the end of their high school career Tanner was recruited as a lead guitarist. The style changed to a more reggae-infused Rock as the band matured. With both mellow tunes and high energy rock, the different musical backgrounds of each member show through on the original music of the band. 

What can one expect from a live show?
Rockstead's live shows bring a variety of energy and emotion. Some songs allow you to pay attention with meaningful and thought provoking lyrics while others, backed up by the bands wild stage antics, can make you lose yourself. Rockstead pours every ounce of energy they have into their performance while keeping the crowd involved and the music flowing. 

What do you love about being a local Cincinnati band?
One thing Rockstead loves about being a local Cincinnati band is how most Cincy musicians are excited to help out other local artist. Their experiences in the local music scene have been nothing but great. Whether you're a reggae band, jam band, or metal artist, the connectedness between Cincinnati musicians is something they have noticed a lot of. 

What is next for Rockstead?
Rockstead has big plans for the future. The main goal lately has been to reach out into new cities and states which they have been doing a lot of lately. The idea of an east coast tour (or more!?) has been one that they have been working on recently and are excited to plan. Can't wait to share more Rockstead with more people.   

w/ Sticky Fingers
Madison Live
Friday, July 17th
7p Doors / 8p Show