Liturgy at Woodward Theater

Critically acclaimed metal rockers Liturgy are playing at The Woodward Theater on Wednesday, July 15th! Did you grab your tickets yet? You had better go grab them NOW.

Liturgy is a Brooklyn-based, self-styled "Transcendental Black Metal" band whose yearning, energetic music exists in an uncanny space between avant rock, black metal, fine art and shamanic ritual. Led by songwriter and conceptual architect Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, who is joined by guitarist Bernard Gann, bassist Tyler Dusenbury and drummer Greg Fox, the band exists as a 21st century total work of art (gesamtkunstwerk): activating divine potencies by means of music and culture even as it underscores the contradictions inherent in such a project during the internet era.

Their latest album The Ark Work was just released earlier this year to incredible praise. The New York Times said, "If the earlier records played with the notion of black metal’s authenticity, this one plays with authenticity in general...You hear real strings and brass, real glockenspiels and real bagpipes. That’s a great effect." And NPR also raved, "It's so jarring at first that you might find yourself wondering if this is the work of a charlatan. But the deeper into it you delve, the more its audacity and imagination start to bloom." 

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w/ Yvette
The Woodward Theater
Wednesday, July 15th
7p Doors / 8p Show