I Am Possessed by Paul James

No jokes, this man is a musician not to be compared with any other I have ever seen. Konrad Wert known as Possessed by Paul James is a one-man band hailing from Austin, Texas. He plays banjo, fiddle and guitar with a bit of foot stompin’ in between. “Paul James” is a fictional character created by the names of his father and grandfather. 

When Wert aka Possessed by Paul James is not on tour, he is a father of two and a teacher of disabled children. He is not only playing The Southgate House Revival TONIGHT but is also on the bill for the incomparable Whispering Beard Folk Festival in August (27th-30th).

Come get to know this amazing musician in one of the most beautiful venues in the city. Then once you fall in love, buy your tickets for Whispering Beard Folk Festival to see him again!

Possessed by Paul James
The Southgate House Revival
7:30 doors / 8p show