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The best music and songwriting is often ageless, and luckily so is the Twin Peaks show NOW at Martini Church. All ages admitted. Playing with The Harlequins and The Slippery Lips! 

One of the greatest elements of the musical experience, is the reality that great songwriting is ageless. Regardless of what particular age a musician is (and this goes for both sides of the spectrum), timeless songs can be created.  In this case, from a very young age Twin Peaks showcased their natural given ability to formulate great songs.   

It does not take long listening to a Twin Peaks (from Chicago, Illinois) song to know you have stumbled onto something special. I know I did.  About 18 months ago I heard about this band as I was exploring some of the cooler Indie Rock bars of the West. As their album (a true classic) Wild Onion began to be part of my daily regular existence, now the record seems like a greatest hits of some sort. Its a rock and roll circus of fire and brimstone of the right kind. I wonder what Mick Jagger, Ian Anderson, John Lennon, and The Who are thinking about this. 

The music of Twin Peaks is raw, free, especially free, pure, sexual, and unpretentious. Their efforts and success are definitely not mere marketing or more capitalism fueled rock and roll. But instead something truly genuine and unescapably enjoyable. Some of my favorite tunes on the latest album include: “Sloop Jay D”, “Telephone”, and “Making Breakfast”.  Take a ride, and you might just find the new way to walk down the street with a little moxie behind your tail.

Twin Peaks arrival to Cincinnati is ultra significant as they certainly are one of the top 5 bands in the world at their particular genre.  Ironically at $5 tickets are one of the most stunning global phenomenons as well.   More proof that this classic and great band (and still super young) are more concerned about spreading their good music, than getting filthy rich.   I already have my tickets for this great show and I think the Martini Church should lend itself to a truly wild experience for all. Lets get crazy! See you there!

Twin Peaks
w/ The Harlequins and The Slippery Lips
Saturday June 20th
Martini Church
2421 Saffin Ave, Cincinnati 45214
$5, 9pm