Queasy Rider by Billy Catfish Orchestra Coming soon

'Do The Bird,' indeed! Billy Catfish’s latest cohesive musical feat celebrates parallel universes of feedback-ridden jam rock, deranged songwriter folk, kraut rock tourism, metal bliss, scarred blues, abandoned pop, musical experimentation and other delusions of grandeur in the key of "Queasy Rider," BABY!

This limited edition cassette release (to be released July 10th!) from one of the Cincinnati area’s busiest dudes (eight projects and counting … twenty years on the scene) features unheard-of collaborations and unthought-of guest appearances by Scotty Karate, Alex York, Ally Hurt of Good Night Noises, Wes Pence of Ready Stance and Middlemarch, Nick Hill of Hot for Alice, Pete Nienaber of the Fabulous Byurd Brains, Michael Hensley of Frontier Folk Nebraska, and more!

Get it soon ... don't delay, supplies are limited! Also available as a special "bundled" package with the special re-release of the instrumental prog rock masterpiece by PINK TEEF (which featured Billy, Kendall Davis, Andrew Antle, Jon Evans) ... don't miss out folks!"

"Musically energized … a serrated edge that tears … like a lost document from Gram Parsons, Neil Young or Willie Nelson ... feels like classic AltCountry." - CityBeat

"Dude, you fucking rock!" - Nick Oliveri of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age (while shaking Billy Catfish’s hand after a gig)