Near Earth Objects Launch Kickstarter for Album and Tour

Near Earth Objects need your help to finish their first full-length album and take it on the road. Near Earth Objects was one of the first local bands to be asked to play The Woodward Theatre back in November of last year.

Last summer, Near Earth Objects released its first recorded effort with the four-song EP 
Situational Awareness, which showcased 
the group’s progressive, occasionally psychedelic 
style, marked by an engaging stream of conscious 
fluidity. The band’s imaginative
 arrangements were on full display on the EP’s
opening epic “Introduction to Feeling Something,”
 as well as the closer “Serotonin Drift,”
 which sounds like David Bowie and Pink Floyd
 writing a winding Math Rock/Post Rock ballad
 for Secret Machines.

Go help support this band. Skip a few craft beers (or more) this weekend for a good cause!