Jim Casto to Release New Album, Keep It Caged

This Friday, June 12th Jim Casto will be releasing Keep It Caged at Urban Artifact! Joining them will be The Perfect Children. Show is free and the music starts at 9p. Compact Discs will be available to pick up from all live shows and Shake It Records, Everybody’s Records, and Rock, Paper, Scissors. Downloads are now available for purchase through CDbaby, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

We sat down with Jim Casto prior to the release show!

 Tell us about the writing / recording process…
This album consists of a group of songs written over the last 8 years and recorded over the last 2.  Most of the songs touch on experiences in my own life and started as solo pieces of work.  I was introduced to Drew (lead guitar) by a mutual friend several years back and we began working on songs once he moved back from TN.  He would later form Dr. Hue with Brendan Blumer (drums) and Mike Donohue (bass, mandolin), and they’d join us to work on the album. Suzanna Barnes then came into the picture, providing violin and much of the backup vocals. I had played solo for many years while writing a majority of these songs; so it was really nice to get to work out some arrangements once the band formed.  After we realized we weren’t terrible, we decided to get to the studio. 

What does this album mean to the band?
The completion of this project took a lot of time and effort from all parties.  Since this is our first album, it’s nice to have some of our work mastered and in hand, ready to show to friends and family.  It also means I can relax; an album is a lot of work… but the good kind of work.

What are the hopes with the album?
Living in a city full of talented musicians and bands, it’s our hopes that people take a chance on a not so well known group like ourselves and listen to a few songs off ‘Keep It Caged’.  But more importantly, this is an accomplishment for my band-mates and I, and anything on top of that would be considered a bonus in my eyes.

Who helped record / mix etc. the album? 
The first recording was from time won through MRC’s Get Down, Give Back event at 20th Century Theater.  We then moved to New Fidelity Studio to finish that and 3 other songs with the help of engineer, Elton Clifton.  The last 4 songs were recorded by Ben Cochran at Soap Floats.  Both studios were extremely professional and I would definitely recommend their services to other local bands.  Andy Wilson, from Andy Wilson Mastering did a great job putting the finishing touches on each recording.

What is next for Jim Casto?
Keep playing out to promote the new album.  Upcoming summer gigs include The Crows Nest, MOTR, and The Bluebird Cafe (Nashville, TN).

For more info on the album and upcoming gigs, visit jimcastomusic.com