BoyMeetsWorld Album Release and Warped Tour Kick Off Party

BoyMeetsWorld will be dropping their new album, Become Someone Tuesday June 16th at Bogart’s! Not only is this an album release party but also a Warped Tour Kick Off Party!  Come support the band and wish them well on the road with Warped Tour!

We sat down with BoyMeetsWorld singer, Craig Sulken to get some behind the scene info!

Tell us about the writing / recording process for Become Someone...
The writing process for the majority of the tracks pretty much began as a bunch of song ideas I've been compiling from the past couple of years or so, and just slowly have been working on these songs to make them complete over time.  That's how I feel I write best - to start working on something, take a break, come back with fresh ears, and just finish little by little.  I've definitely had my writing moments where I work on a song for hours straight and end up pretty much finishing it all at once, and ideas keep pouring out so naturally which I really love.  A couple of the tracks were written in the studio, which ended up being some of my favorites off the album.   We recorded with our good friend Eric Tuffendsam at moonlight studios here in Cincinnati - the same studio where we recorded our EP, "Do What's Best For You". Eric us such a laid back, sarcastic, and hilarious guy, so it's always a pleasure recording there.  We all like to goof off and have fun, but also know when it's time to get down to business, and I couldn't imagine the recording process of this album going much better. 

What does this album mean to the band?
Well, this is our debut full length, so it really means a lot to us and we are extremely proud about every track on it.  We've come such a long way as a band, and we now have this album to prove it.    

How does it feel to be on your second leg (and being on the daily lineup) of Warped Tour? 
It really feels amazing, I can't even describe it to you.  We went into Warped Tour last summer volunteering as one of the catering bands, basically following the tour and just selling our CDs to people in the lines to come up with gas money to get to the next city to playing the whole tour this year, all because we knew what we had to accomplish and we worked our asses off every day.  Hard work does pay off and people will notice you if you put the work in.  I can't tell you how grateful I am to the people that did buy our EP last year in the lines and gave us a chance. 

What are the hopes with the album?
I feel like we have a lot to prove as a band at this point, and we have such a solid album, in my opinion, to back it up.  I'm hoping people will be eager to listen, and it will continue to allow us to grow as a band and also our fan base.  

Give us some insight on life on the road with Warped Tour…
Well last year was a lot different than what it's going to be like this year, but this year is probably going to look a little like this... 

Pull up to the venue anywhere from 4am to 7am.  I'll be waking up between 6:30 and 7:30, taking a shower(if I feel like it), then hitting the lines and start talking to as many people as possible, and sell our album to as many people as possible as well.  It's crazy and awesome how many people are lined up ready for Warped Tour to start at the wee hours of the morning, and sometimes even the night before.  Then doors are at 11am in most cities, so I'll probably just hang out for a bit after I find out what time we play, and start promoting our set time by holding up a big sign and again talking to as many people as possible to be there.  We'll play, hopefully have a lot of people to meet at our merch tent afterwards, hang out some more and watch some other bands' sets, then get ready to cook the BBQ at the end of the night for 350 or so people.  We're going to stay extremely busy all summer, and I'm looking forward to it more than you know.  

Who helped record / mix the album?
Eric Tuffendsam at Moonlight Studios.  Such a great guy and talented guy.  

What is next for BoyMeetsWorld?
Hopefully lots of touring.  We really do want to tour as much as possible after Warped Tour, and we're hoping we definitely open up a lot of doors and opportunities this summer.  And of course new music down the road ;) 

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