The Uplifting Charlie Oxford on Way to tSGHR

Charlie Oxford is a Nashville-based artist that has grown his fan base organically through live performances and word-of-mouth exposure. In the fall of 2011, Oxford completed a Kickstarter campaign and raised an impressive $10,000 to fund his self-titled debut album. Some highlights of Oxford’s career thus far are performing on the BMI Songwriter Stage at the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans, as well as performing twice at the annual BMI Key West Songwriters Festival.

Charlie Oxford is an album of love and self-discovery. “I write love songs and songs about finding yourself and getting up and doing something with your life,” states Oxford.

We sat down with the artist prior to his show at The Southgate House Revival on Thursday!

What can one expect at a live show?
The live full band show is a blend of blues, pop, rock and soul.  You can expect to have a great time and dancing and grooving to the beat.  A surefire show for anyone that loves a great melody! 

What is your favorite thing about touring?
My favorite things about touring is getting to play in a different city every night, getting to meet new people and dive into each town’s music and food culture (even if it is just for a couple of hours). 

What is Next for Charlie Oxford?
Well we are releasing my album in the fall on September 25th.  I’ll be touring all fall with some new tunes coming down the pipeline.  You can expect a couple new EP’s in 2016 as well! 

Charlie Oxford
Slick Willy & the Kentucky Jellies
The Southgate House Revival
Thursday, May 21st