Jessica Campbell at Downtowne Listening Room

Jessica Campbell is a roots-pop singer/songwriter armed with autobiographical tunes about life and love in the Bible Belt. With her third album, III proves there’s strength in numbers. It’s an album about appreciating where you’re at, while still pushing toward a bigger, brighter, better future. It may be her best yet. 

Jessica was born and raised in the small North Carolina town of Catawba.  After she discovered her gift and love of singing, she began singing at every local event possible, including ball games, church events, rodeos, parties, pageants, and got her feet wet in musical theater.  When she moved to Tennessee to pursue a degree in the Music Industry at Middle Tennessee State University, her passion for songwriting evolved and she picked up the guitar. 

Jessica Campbell plays Downtowne Listening Room plays Saturday May 30th with Kevin Stokley! We sat down with the lovely mother-to-be prior to the show!

What is your first music memory?
My first music memory was singing at church.  We attended a small Southern Baptist church in our community and I fell in love with music at an early age. 

When did you decide to make music your career?
I decided I wanted to try and make music my career in college.  I played several paid gigs before college and wanted to continue down that road.  I've found that the key to making a living in the music industry is diversifying.  "We wear many hats" in this industry.  It's more fun that way! 

What can one expect at a live show?
This upcoming live show will be an acoustic performance.  I really enjoy telling the stories behind my songs and I feel like the audience appreciates the song more if the inspiration/background is explained.  Occasionally, I like to mix in a few cover songs in my set, but I primarily play songs that I've written. 

What is next for Jessica Campbell?
I'm currently keeping a heavy writing schedule and I also write songs for other artists to record.  I will be continuing to write and record music in the future.  In the fall I will be a new Mom, so I'm sure that will bring lots of new excitement to my music and will bring on some new challenges as well! 

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