Icky Blossoms Flower on Main Street

Enter scene: It’s 1982. The air whips at your face and dotted lights speed by in a blur as you rocket through a narrow tunnel on a Night Rider mission, riding shotgun to an overly serious David Hasselhoff wearing matching leather jackets. The California sun breaks the darkness as the tunnel empties onto a coastline road bending high above the cliffs, and KITT has the perfect jam for the journey. 

It’s called“In Folds” by Icky Blossoms, and it’ll give you what you want… what you need.

The video, however, may not. I’d call it NSFWG&UW (Not Safe For Weak Guts & Uptight Workplaces), but only because of the laughable gore that comes with kidnapping and dismembering the band’s lead singer… quite the contrary interpretation to my dreamy Night Rider ambitions, but still one hell of a groovy way to prove a point about needing to migrate from the past. The video – the first theatrical production off the band’s new album,“Mask,” which is set to hit the airwaves next Tuesday, May 12 – is a shining example of the why-so-serious-dance-party expressions they’re putting down with the new release.

Sarah Bohling, Derek Pressnall and Nik Fackler marry synthesizer melodies, floating vocals and electropop beats to create a dramatic dance scene with waves of energyin a similar fashion to Holy Ghost!. They have a unique vision for the things that make us move, songs that keep our feet guessing at the beat.

Consider“Sex to the Devil” from their self-titled first release, for example. It drives a more house-oriented rhythm, with a monotone vocals from the 90s Vogue scene and electronic titillations that ring of a Kraftwerk era. It’s an interesting part of their evolution, a twisted sister in their to progression of more ballad-esque productions – such as the new“Living in Fiction” – that feel a bit like what Muse would if Muse still had soul. 

Icky Blossoms are playing this Wednesday, May 6 at Woodward Theater with of Montreal, who also promises to bring an unknown flavor. Together, they’ll deliver one of the best rock shows you’ll see in Cincinnati all year, and the most interesting “what even happened Wednesday night?” story you could tell this week.

Grab your tickets here.

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