Along the Shore Releases Promo for New Single

Along the Shore are releasing their new single, “Empty House” on June 12th!  We sat down with Kyle Rhodes of Along the Shore ahead of time to get some scoop. Be sure to check back in with the band and with for the single release on June 12th

Tell us about the new single…
“Empty House” was a song that I’d had for awhile. The opening guitar riff was just something we’d jam to at practice. One day we’d decided to act on it and we got the song structure finished. Claire (Whitaker) came to practice the next week with the lyrics you hear today. The song is a story of perseverance. A story about standing strong through the debilitating feelings of emptiness and recognizing our own strength, 

What has Along the Shore been up to since we last spoke in November?
A lot has happened since November. We ended the year playing with Red Wanting Blue at the Thompson House in Newport, Kentucky. Shortly after, we acquired two new band members; Drew Conroy on bass, and Branden Meade on electric guitar. These two have been exceptional additions and we couldn’t ask for a better group. 

We started 2015 opening for Seabird at Northside Tavern and shortly after that, headlined at The Drinkery in OTR with Noah Smith. 

In the meantime we’ve been recording our new EP. Branden has a studio at his house and we’ve been working on this project on our own. However, we went to Moonlight Studios to record drums, and they turned out perfect!

Will there be an album release to follow the single?
Absolutely! We are in the beginnings of putting our EP together. “Empty House” is the first of 4 songs that will be released later this year, if not early next year. We’re still deciding on a name for the EP. 

What is next for Along the Shore?
In the future, we’re looking forward to playing Fountain Square with Judah and the Lion, Seabird, and Matt Hires on August 14th!

We’re also booking shows for later this year. The rest of our time is devoted to finishing up this EP. We’ve been waiting a very long time to put out some new music and we feel these four songs represent the best parts of Along the Shore.


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