Sick of Sarah to Rock The Drinkery Tonight

Sick of Sarah is one of those bands that seemingly disappeared. After lineup and management changes, the Minnesota foursome are currently embarking on a month and half long tour to ready the digital release of their newest EP, Anthem. I had the sincere pleasure of speaking on the phone with drummer, Jessica Forsythe, while she sat in the tour van outside of the venue they would perform in Columbus. I just wanted to say how amazing it is to be sponsored by MAC cosmetics, because I would love that in my life…
Jessica Forsythe: Oh my gosh, dude we are so excited. It happens maybe once or twice a year where we’ll get like ten products from them. It’s amazing, we love them

CM: How did that come about? Did they approach you, or?
JF: You know, our old manager’s mom. I think that she had a hookup, and I think that’s how that relationship started, and we’ve just been in contact. We lucked out on that one, it’s pretty awesome.

CM: I’m really jealous. Let’s talk about your latest single, “Rooftops”. Where did the idea for that song come from?
JF: Well Jessie worked on some demos in Los Angeles maybe two or three years ago and that was on one of our LA session demos. So revisited that song, I don’t know, a couple years ago. It’s a lot of fun.

CM: Yeah, I really like that song!
JF: yeah, you like it?

CM: Yeah!
JF: Yeah, we’re getting ready to shoot our video for that one when we’re in LA for a show, the week of May 12th, so hopefully that will be out in the next month or so.

CM: I saw that Anthem will be released on June 30th, so are you playing songs from that album on tour currently?
JF: Yes, we’re playing…Anthem is a six song EP and we are playing all six of those songs plus a couple songs from the self-titled record and we are actually are selling physical copies of the EP at the show, so if you come to the show, you can actually pick up a copy of the album, which is pretty cool, but it will not be digitally released until June 30th.

CM: Got it. Okay. I looked at your current tour schedule and it ends before the digital release happens, so do you have plans to go back out?
JF: Oh yeah. We actually are still planning, but we have another show added in Michigan. We’re doing a pride [festival]. We are definitely planning a fall tour. We’ll probably go back out on another full US tour once the record is actually released. We’ll be doing a lot of touring this year.

CM: That’s great! Do you have any albums that you’re listening to currently, any go-to albums or bands?
JF: Honestly, I’ve been listening to a lot of playlists on Google Play. There’s this band, Purity Ring, that I’ve been listening to.

CM: Yeah!
JF: Oh my gosh, dude, like I’m super in love with vocals and the progressions in that style of music. We were just on tour with this band, The Last Year, and we all have downloaded their single.  They have a single called “Sugar”.  They are so awesome. If you don’t know them, you should check them out, they’re from Baltimore. We’re hoping to get them back on the road with us for our fall tour.

Decidedly, conversation about Columbus hot dog restaurants, defunct amazing bands (Vanity Theft), and arcades were removed, but they will perform at The Drinkery tonight. Also, Sick of Sarah’s latest effort, Anthem, will be available for purchase ahead of the digital release on June 30th