Nashville Based Future Thieves Play tSGHR

Future Thieves, comprised of Elliot Collett (vocals and rhythm guitar), Gianni Gibson (drums), Nick Goss (bass), and Austin McCool (lead guitar), are one of Nashville’s most exciting emerging acts! 

The band’s instrumentation is written collectively, while Collett spreads his melodies and storytelling across the tracks. Future Thieves brings a big indie rock/americana sound with a powerful rhythm section, fresh guitar melodies, and singer/songwriter style vocals. Future Thieves released their debut EP in 2014, and are currently recording the follow-up full-length. All tracks are played, engineered, and produced by Future Thieves in their home studio Nashville Music House in Nashville, TN.

Future Thieves are playing at The Southgate House Revival this Sunday and we sat down with the band to get to know them before the show!

Give us some background on Future Thieves…
Nick: Elliot is from Eastern KY, traveled to Nashville through his late teens for songwriting and shows. Austin and I moved to Nashville after elementary school, high school, and Purdue together. Gianni came from LA and we got together in our home studio Nashville Music House to start writing and playing. 

What can one expect from a live show?
Elliot: Hopefully some fans!
Austin: I've got some new dance moves I've been looking to try out...
Nick: Excellent merch deals.
Gianni: A damn good time.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Elliot: Well, we're kind of Monkees guys.
Austin: I'd have to go with Stones simply because of their pant selection.
Nick: I'm comfortable with both of them.
Gianni: The Who

What is your favorite thing about playing music?
Nick: Putting a capo on 0 on my bass.
Gianni: Letting the music take me places I wouldn't expect and just letting the music flow through me.
Austin: Quality dude hang time. 

What is next for Future Thieves?
We've recorded our full length album at our studio with Elliot engineering the entire thing back in February. So release will be soon and of course, more touring.

Future Thieves
w/ The Whiskey Shambles, LOVECRUSH88, Ethan Samuel Brown
The Southgate House Revival
Sunday, May 3rd
7:30p Doors / 8p Show


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