MR. HIPSTER at Maudie's

Bloomington, Indiana, Country/Power Pop/Punk outfit, MR. HIPSTER are returning to their fans in a number of Midwest cities, promoting their new EP, Formidable.

MR. HIPSTER will hit Cincinnati at Maudie's on Wednesday, May 6th!

MR. HIPSTER (2007) is the brain-child of guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, Alex Mysliwiec, joined by the fun lovin’ rhythm section of Matt Romy (drums), and Justin “JBoy” Meier (bass). Together their sense of humor makes for excellent live performances, with comedy in awkward and unexpected ways. FORMIDABLE, is by far, MR. HIPSTER’s most serious effort in the studio, for recorded material yet!

Don’t miss out on a chance to see MR. HIPSTER on this tour!