Linear Downfall, Foxy Shazam, WHY? & Us, Today

Now that I have your attention… Linear Downfall will be playing with an improv group featuring members of Foxy Shazam, WHY? and Us, Today at Maudies on Thursday, April 16th. This will be an astounding show featuring top musicians from acclaimed Cincinnati bands. 

Linear Downfall, an experimental band from Nashville, is known for seamlessly blending psychotic noise along with beautiful melodies. Their music taps into the highs and lows of life and challenges one to look inward. Their live show is intense and jarring, captivating the audience from beginning to end. They have self-released three albums, extensively toured the U.S., and caught the attention of the Flaming Lips which led to their side project called the Electric Würms.

In 2014, they toured in support of their third self-released album, Fragmental Hippocampus and released the first Electric Würms album, Musik, die Schwer zu Twerk. In early 2015 the band released an EP entitled A Pink Floor and Two Others as the band put the finishing touches on a 4th album, Sufferland. The band plans to release Sufferland in 2015 along with a full-length film to correspond with the highly visual music of their new album. They are currently touring in support of A Pink Floor and Two Others.

A Pink Floor and Two Others is an EP composed of 5 songs. The first 3 tracks were recorded at Pink Floor Studios (Wayne Coyne’s/Flaming Lips home studio) and the last 2 tracks were recorded at Linear Downfall’s home studio (hence the name “A Pink Floor and Two Others”). Pink Floor Studios is a very inspiring place where they had many great instruments at their disposal, including a vintage ribbon synth called “The Wasp” which inspired the track “Wasp Song”. This EP best exemplifies a band that uses their surroundings to create music that is in the moment and constantly shifting from one headspace to the next, resulting in something incomparable. The final track, “Bloodhead”, was accompanied by a music video in which the band members were sprayed in the eyes with mace and attempted to keep playing the song. What may seem like a gimmick on the surface is actually a harrowing and shocking representation of the psychology and lifestyle that uncompromising artists must lead to dedicate themselves entirely to their art. 

Maudies on Main is the only 18+ venue on the OTR strip. Don’t miss this chance to your bragging rights on being at this spectacular night of music.