Jerry Springer Comes Back Home for Podcast

The Jerry Springer Podcast; Tales, Tunes and Tomfoolery, is a mix of stories, interviews, conversation and comedy bits, concluding each time with a performance by a roots music song writer. Recorded in front of a small studio audience at the Folk School Coffee Parlor, in Ludlow, Kentucky, the half-hour episodes are available NOW, at  

Among the conversations on the podcast is with a Freedom Rider who spent 42 days in a Mississippi prison in 1961 singing songs to pass the trying hours, a discussion of whether teachers should be armed to protect their kids from violent attacks, and celebrity parodies of Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter are among the unpredictable possibilities.

Folk School Coffee Parlor got involved in the podcast when they were contacted by Jene Galvin who is a local and regular of the Folk School.  He began coming to shows and events at the parlor and fell in love with the community and atmosphere.  Jene has been friends with Jerry Springer for over 40yrs and had already planned on this podcast being taped elsewhere, in a studio/sound stage.  One day he brought it to their attention that he had discussed the idea with Jerry about shooting in front of a live audience in Ludlow and Jerry was all about it.  They brought some folks down one night to scope it out, and off they went.

Every Tuesday evening, beginning at 8p, 2 episodes are recorded. Each episode is approximately thirty minutes long, with a 10min intermission.  Material ranges from current event and tough social/political discussion to radio-comedy skits and diatribes; the last ten minutes is devoted to music and artist interview.  Among the upcoming guests are: Red Cedars, Ben Knight, Casey Campbell, Arlo McKinley, Hu town holler, The Rubber Knife Gang, Shiny and the Spoon, Mike June, Ellie Fabe, Simply Dan String Band, Susan Pepper, Jake Book, The Tillers, Lonesome Jared, Mamdrones, and My Brother the Bear.

If you want to witness a podcast being taped, attendance is free but seating is very limited.  People can sign up in-store, 332 Elm Street in Ludlow, KY.  Phone:  859-206-1269, Email:, for music inquiries