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Creating an honest and passionate sound that holds no boundaries. Colors In Mind combines an arsenal of styles and influences, producing a musical melting pot that's overflowing with different tones and genres. Using their wide dynamic range and progressive on-stage flow, this band is sure to set a unique vibe and provide a powerful live performance.

We last spoke with the band about 1 year ago. Since then, they have brought in a new member, released an EP and received radio airplay! We sat down with Kelvin prior to the show at Backstage Café on April 25th! Colors in Mind has had quite the year! What have been some highlights?
Kelvin: We've had a great year and a lot of it is thanks to and of course our friends and fans. Other than releasing our debut EP, we had some other highlights such as adding Jamie Zickefoose on guitar, playing at The Madison Theater, being invited to do a Bearcast Bearcoustic session, receiving airplay on 96 Rock as their Homegrown artist of the week but most importantly, we've made countless new friends playing out at different places and venues. The various experiences helped us learn as well, individually and as a group.

CM: How have you evolved as a band?
Kelvin: Bringing in a new member was bound to have it's effect. The added chemistry has changed our dynamics in terms of playing and writing. It has been incredibly organic and natural so far and we couldn't have asked for a better result. Jamie was a bit of a fan before so when he came in, he had already written to our songs and revisiting them brought a newfound energy and re-invigoration to our material. He basically made us love our songs again! We've also been trying to network and bring in bands from out of town in order to help build relationships with other music scenes! We are also practicing in a new part of town and the changing of the environment is sure to effect our creative inspirations as well.

CM: Tell us about your writing process...
Kelvin: Our writing process is pretty sporadic and unformulated honestly. We usually like to jam and brainstorm grooves and feels. Sometimes this will come and go. Then once an early draft manifests, we'll edit and experiment until everyone agrees they're enjoying what's going on. It's a completely collaborative process and at times, we will just be working on a segment of song and not a whole song. Personally for lyrics, I listen to a draft of song and try to visualize with the music. Based on what kind of thoughts the music inspires, it inspires phrases which I begin to brainstorm and eventually just tie together and filling in the blanks. It's like a weird musical mad libs workbook in my brain. We really enjoy writing music that pushes and challenges us as well as we want to represent growth through our work.

CM: What is next for Colors in Mind?
Kelvin:  Write more new material, get new merch underway and continuing to grow in terms of musicality. We want to focus on forming new bonds and getting to travel to some new places this year. Take the Colors in Mind live experience to other audiences around and get better at our craft in terms of performance, presentation and professionalism. There are also some cool local venues that we would love to play that we have not previously this year such as the Thompson House and Northside Tavern. Whatever the future holds, we are going to keep pushing to get our music heard and to grow with the people who support us. We will be playing at The Backstage Cafe on May 23rd alongside our good friends, Lo' the Loyal Conscripts and Lines in the Sky from Nashville!

Colors in Mind
Playing to Vapors
Go Go Buffalo
Backstage Café
Saturday, April 25th
7p Doors / 8p Show


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