X Ambassadors are Thick as Thieves With Cincinnati

X Ambassadors are back in Cincinnati and playing the new venue Madison LIVE tomorrow night. The band has been touring almost nonstop for 3 years and are loving every minute of it. An X Ambassadors live show is not one to be missed. The energy of the band is contagious from start to finish. We sat down with the band prior to the show to talk about touring, working out and a debut LP!

X Ambassadors have been touring beasts! How has it been adjusting to life on the road?
We're pretty used to it at this point. We've been touring out of a van and trailer for the last 3 years now, so it's like second nature at this point. To be honest, we all love it more than being home. If you don't end up feeling that way eventually, then this not the industry for you. 

Cincinnati loves that you are coming back to see us! Is there something about your Cincinnati audience that draws you back?
We've been coming to Cincinnati for years and years now... the first show we played your city was when we were in college. I think that might have been one of the biggest shows we'd played at that point (around 200 people), even though none of them knew who we were. It was the highlight of an awful two-week tour. From that moment on, we've loved coming back.

You really give your all while on stage. Does it take a lot out of the band or is it still as exciting as it was the first time?
You have to work at it, it's not something you can maintain without keeping in shape.  We all pride ourselves in having the most energetic, electrifying show we can possibly make; but it requires work. I do yoga everyday, I run 3 miles every other morning, try to lay off any shitty food, etc. But touring itself is still as exciting as it's ever been. I don't think we'll ever get sick of playing shows.

What is next for X Ambassadors?
Our debut LP VHS is dropping on June 23rd. We're SO excited. That's what's next.  And of course, more Cincinnati. 

Check out the video of X Ambassadors from last year in the VIP tent at Bunbury Music Festival HERE!

X Ambassadors
Wednesday March 11th
Madison LIVE
7p Doors / 8p Show
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