The Grove Release Album, Pseudothump Saturday

Cincinnati-based rock band, The Grove are releasing their second debut album Pseudothump this Saturday at Stanley’s Pub

A year and a half in the making, the album represents a new artistic milestone for the band. Building on the hard-hitting blues and rock sound that has always been at the band’s core, Pseudothump adds a fresh layer of sonic sophistication and inventiveness, and showcases the wide range of The Grove’s musical pallet. From filthy blues and mournful ballads, to energized dance and psychedelic jams, all tied together with The Grove’s signature sound and musicianship, Pseudothump takes listeners on a ride through vast and unique musical landscape that is not to be missed.

The Grove
w/ Personal Public
Stanley’s Pub
Saturday, March 28th
9:00 PM
21+, $5 entrance fee. The first 20 CD’s will be FREE and the remaining CD’s will be only $5.