Indigo Wild Release New Single, Playing Bunbury Music Festival

“High Point”, the new single from Indigo Wild dropped yesterday! Go have a listen HERE! Indigo Wild poses a unique brand of no-coast indie rock, distinguished with lyrics that illustrate the tangible true-life stories of four Columbus, Ohio natives crafting their own version of the American Dream. Indigo Wild have embarked on a dozen date tour with Desert Noises, culminating in a Daytrotter session on March 29th!

Indigo Wild are playing Bunbury Music Festival in June [win tickets here] and we sat down with Garet Camella of the band to get to know the band before the festival!

Give us some background on Indigo Wild…
We formed Indigo Wild in Columbus during the summer of 2010. For the first nearly 4 years of us being a band, we were split between cities, two of us going to school in Columbus and two in Cincinnati. In that time, we managed to put out our If By Sea EP and play a bunch of shows around Ohio as often as we could. But we were slowly working on new songs that whole time; it was like a long distance relationship. But we all finally reunited in Columbus last Summer and it's been everything we hoped for during school. Ever since being back in the same city, we've been trying to stay as busy as humanly possible. Right now, we're on our third and longest tour and we're in the midst of recording our debut full length. Exciting stuff in the works!

I so love the Daytrotter sessions. How was it to record that?
We've been stoked on Daytrotter for years, so it's a dream come true for us, honestly. We actually haven't recorded the session yet though. We're saving that for the very tail end of our March tour. Cannot wait!

How did the tour with Desert Noises come to be?
Desert Noises reached out to us for the first time in 2011 about playing a show with them at Rohs Street Cafe, but we couldn't play it for whatever reason. In that initial email they sent a live video of their song "Oak Tree" and I was floored when I watched was like I felt this instant connection to them. So we kept in touch and eventually got to share a show at The Comet in September 2013, which was a blast. After that, we've stayed friends and hung out when they were in town visiting, on tours. We're stoked and humbled that they asked us to join them on the OH/KY dates of their Winter Into Spring Tour. It's been amazing so far. Those guys know how to have a good time...and they're all INCREDIBLE musicians. I used to stay up at night dreaming about this kind of's been crazy to actually remind myself that this is really happening each night. 

What can one expect from a live Indigo Wild show?
100% nudity. Naa just kidding haha. I think our goal with each show is to just make you feel something good. Whether that means getting lost in a sonic haze for a little bit or even bobbing your head so hard your neck hurts the next day... All of our music is inherently intimate and introspective, but we want you to join us and connect with that; it's a group effort. That being said, we always love getting a little rowdy.

We are stoked that you are playing Bunbury Music Festival. Will you have a chance to stay the whole weekend? If so, which bands are you excited to hang with?
Thanks! We're ridiculously excited for June in Cincinnati. Definitely planning on staying the whole weekend too. There are so many bands we want to see while there; and on top of that, Cinci is always bumpin' in the summer. I think we are most excited to lose our minds to Tame Impala. Omg. Our Columbus brethren Bummers are gonna tear it up too...should be awesome. 

What is next for Indigo Wild?
2015 has been a busy year for us so far and we plan on it getting even better. We're working on our first full length record right now and just kicked off our third and largest tour. We're heading for the East Coast on this run and we can't wait to adventure around New York together again. 



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