People’s Liberty Fellowship Winner Launches Artist Survey

2015 People’s Liberty Fellowship winner, Brad Schnittger, is surveying Greater Cincinnati musicians to steer the development of his project, MusicLi.


MusicLi (pronounced: musically) is a project being developed by Brad Schnittger at People’s Liberty. MusicLi has launched it’s first initiative; a simple 10- question survey of musicians that will inform and steer MusicLi’s development. The survey should take about 10 minutes. Musicians interested in licensing and managing their music should take this survey.

What is MusicLi? MusicLi will be an online music-business management dashboard for artists. Musicians that create a MusicLi account will be able to digitally distribute their music, sell it directly to their fans, protect their intellectual property rights, and digitally publish their music and enter in into the MusicLi licensing catalog.

MusicLi hinges on a core principle:

There are wonderfully talented musicians in the Greater Cincinnati area, and if their music is digitally cataloged, published and made accessible for the purpose of licensing, this music can generate income for those musicians and make Cincinnati a better place to live.