Benefit for Brett Walls at The Southgate House Revival

Friends, family and the local community are rallying around Brett Walls this Friday at The Southgate House Revival to give him the show of his dreams. Doors are at 7p and the show starts at 7:30p go grab your ticket HERE

Brett Walls, age 52, is a kind and gentle man who is a husband, father, grandpa, uncle, brother and friend. On Wednesday February 27, 2014 Brett had three strokes and two aneurisms which caused severe damage in the brain stem. This ultimately resulted in what is called Locked-in syndrome which is a rare neurological disorder. Its primary features are quadriplegia and paralysis of the cranial nerves.

Imagine awakening from a deep sleep to find yourself fully conscious but unable to move any voluntary muscles save for the muscles that control your vertical eye movements. You can see, hear, smell, taste, and even feel the bed sheets against your skin. However, you are unable to speak or make any vocalizations at all. You are totally disconnected from your external world in a real sense. You may appear to be in a coma to others although you are quite capable of understanding their speech and actions. You are, in essence, locked in your own body. This benefit is to help pay for equipment and medical expenses while he tries to get his life back.

The night will be emceed by Elvis! Ok, it's Jim Jones but seriously, it's the closest you can get to the original. Make sure to be there at 7:30 to watch him start the night off! 

Brett has named 50 of his favorite songs and the bands will honor him by playing those songs for him.

Bands to take the stage are: Culture Queer, The Wolverton Brothers, The tigerlilies, Darlene, LOVECRUSH 88, Goose, Salty Candy, Maurice Mattei & The Tempers, Uncle Dave Lewis, The Darkhearts, The MudLarks, The Cousin Kissers, Daniel Bennett and The Dirty Shirleys, Freddy Brown (Royal Pines), Sammy McKee (Old City), Chris Lee (Solo Acoustic), Elle Crash & Jim Farmer, Slick Willy & the Kentucky Jellies, Sticky Honey

Ditchweed and Devil Nut Mother Hole (which Brett co-founded) will reunite for this show only!

Many raffle items will be available from the following gracious vendors:
8 Ball Brewery and Tap Room
AMC at Newport on The Levee
Bang Bang Hair Salon
Black Plastic Records
Busken Bakery
Ruth's Parkside Cafe
Chicken Lays An Egg
Cincinnati Art Museum
Cincinnati Reds
Circus Mojo
The Anchor OTR Restaurant
Drumshine SHACK
Francis Huffman, Local Artist
Game Works at Newport on The Levee
Jay Metz
Liquor City
Lost River Cave Underground Boat Tours
Marvin Lewis Community Fund
Mike's Music
The Southgate House Revival
Ruth's Cris Steakhouse
Shake It Records
Skincraft Piercing & Tattoo
Skunkarific Computers
SPUN Bicycles
Steve Glaser, Graphic Designer
The Original TAX PLACE
The Kitchen Factory
The National Corvette Museum
Yoga Alive 

Can't make it? Be sure to go give Brett your support HERE!


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