The Upset Victory Announce Plans for First Album

Cincinnati Indie Rock Band, The Upset Victory have announced they have launched a Kickstarter to support the funding of their first full-length album.

The Upset Victory is starting the New Year with a bang.  Building on the momentum of major local appearances in 2014 at The Bunbury Music Festival  and having their single, “Fake This” honored as Homegrown Hits’ New Year’s Song 2015, as well as features on ESPN, MTV, NFL Network, and a new licensing deal with the NBA, the band thinks this is the right time to record their first LP and that Kickstarter is the right approach to help secure the funding.

According to the band's guitarist and spokesman, Stephen Campbell, “Kickstarter is used to raise funds for thousands of creative projects and allows each project to be independently created. It allows filmmakers, artists and musicians like us to have complete control over and responsibility for their projects. By allowing our fans and supporters the chance to pledge money to help make our album come to life, we are putting the control in the hands of our supporters as well as ourselves. 

“We think it is awesome to let our supporters be part of a self-made "record label" and we are offering rewards to thank our backers for their support. The bigger the pledge, the bigger the reward for our supporters. We have created some fun and unique ways to say thank you from a free, pre-release of the album to an autographed guitar to being included on the production credits on the album”, Campbell added. 

Time is of the essence for the band in raising the needed funds. The Upset Victory has a funding goal of $16,500 and the deadline is February 15th. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. The album project must reach the funding goal by the deadline for the band to receive any money.

The band plans to record the album in Orlando’s Starlight Studios with esteemed producer Brock BerryHill and engineer Evan Coffman, where they recorded their EP ‘Wall Street’ which marked an entirely new chapter for The Upset Victory. With masterful production quality and brilliant mixing, the world experienced the band at their absolute cleanest and tightest moments, without losing the gritty rock edge fans have come to love.

“The Upset Victory is recharged with more firepower than ever and ready to bring you refreshing new songs”, according to the band. “With your help we can record an epic album! We are asking our supporters to join us and be a part of the Upset Victory’s first full-length album”.

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