Northside Tavern - THE MITCHELLS, The Guitars, & The 1984 Draft

THE MITCHELLS, are playing at the Northside Tavern with The Guitars and Dayton’s own The 1984 Draft on Friday, December 12. 

The Mitchells re-focused in 2014 when Joseph William Mitchell, Carlos Mitchell, Marc Aiello and Nick Mavridoglou, bonded their friendship into a hard working band outfit bent on running shows that make people excited about music.  They have spent the last few years honing an atmospheric rock sound in their native Cincinnati and the dynamic has been great. The Bird Feather E.P marked their debut release in 2012 and introduced a revolving cast of Cincinnati indie musicians. Mitchell’s mates from Caroline Kingsbury, Noah Wotherspoon, Amber Neff, Jordan Neff, Tim Golliher, Seth Murphy, as well as Scot Tores, Claire Timmerman, Tommy Cappell, Brian Rasmussen and Michael Mavridoglou have all contributed. 

By the time their guitar-fueled sophomore effort, The Mitchells (self titled), was released on vinyl this past summer, The Mitchells had become a true live collective.

Currently a group called Concert: Nova (with members from Cincinnati’s Symphony Orchestra) have fulfilled the band's futuristic-bombastic, orchestrated sound goals by looking to blend the four-piece with the likes of a full chamber orchestra. The Mitchells were a buzz among indie-folk cohorts, playing local and regional shows including Bunbury and MidPoint Music Festivals.  Composing and rehearsing for a summer of shows this 2015 with a fast moving contemporary-orchestra has the band increasingly busy.

A surprise, however, has coincided with those plans for this December 12 when The Guitars, and The 1984 Draft meet them in the green room of Northside Tavern

The Guitars. From CityBeat, “The Guitars are no exception to this musical formula. Each member is currently involved in another project: Drummer/showboat Matt Ayers is in Brothers and Sisters, singer/guitarist/bassist Mark Van Patten plays in the Mt. Pleasant String Band and Motorcycle Tapedeck (which includes organist/guitarist/singer Russell Morris and a member of The Tillers) and bassist/guitarist Kane Kitchen is in a yet-to-be-named group with Dan Majesky, from Black Charlemagne.”

But The Guitars don’t sound like any of these bands. This combination is an easy-to-listen-to Pop band with organs, Surf Rock drums and vintage appeal like the Beach Boys but with an anachronistic modern-voiced singer. Which is the opposite of the louder past projects that Kitchen and Ayers are known for like No Arms, No Legs and Death in Graceland, the Hardcore barf Punk dance band.

“I guess the idea is now we’re like, ‘Hey, guys, we paid our dues in our Punk bands, right, so now you have to accept us automatically,’ ” Kitchen says. “So even if they hate the music, they’re all nice to us. … We really don’t fit, but we’re buds with everybody.”

The 1984 Draft. From Ghettoblaster, “Dayton-based rock band The 1984 Draft released their latest EP, Bo Jackson Up The Middle, via We Want Action (84 Nash, She Bears, Tiara). The EP was recorded at Popside Studio with Micah Carli (guitarist for Hawthorne Heights) in mid-January, 2014. The EP sees the light of day in advance of the release of an NFL Network documentary on the actual 1984 NFL Draft, in which the band is featured. NFL Films captured them live in the band’s hometown on January 10, 2014. The documentary airs on April 30 at 10 pm on the NFL Network.” 

The Mitchells are:
Joseph Mitchell – Guitar, vocals
Marc Aiello - Guitar
Carlos Mitchell – bass, vocals
Nicholas Mavridoglou – drums 

The Mitchells
The Guitars
The 1984 Draft
Northside Tavern
Friday December, 12th 


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