New Year's Eve With Aytiko, Ott and Bluetech

Essential Productions have aligned a very special New Year’s Eve show for Cincinnati with Ott’s sole US show this year and Bluetech’s only eastern US show! These luminaries of electronica will be joined by Cincinnati’s own, Aytiko for what promises to be one of the best ways to see off 2014. 

In 2002 Ott released his album Hallucinogen in Dub on Twisted Records to universal acclaim. The classic Hallucinogen trance tracks mixed slower, fatter and more chillout friendly led to further sonic experiments with the albums Blumenkraft and Skylon, as well as a whirl of gigs around the world, remixes for Shpongle, Entheogenic, Tripswitch, and collaborative projects like Umberloid (with Chris Barker) and Gargoyles (with Simon Posford).

Bluetech's upcoming album Illuminated Gates is about spaces, particularly the spaces in-between known & unknown. He’s come full circle in many ways, with new releases this year having a strong ambient quality to them that is reminiscent of his early work. It has evolved though; the musical geometries unfold in different ways, and move in different directions.

A member of the Cinthesizer Collective, Aytiko blends beats, bass, sounds, samples and audio vibrations for a sound all of his own.

We sat down with Aytiko aka Todd Mowbray prior to the New Year's Eve show!

Give us some background on Aytiko...
Aytiko is project I’ve been working on for about two years once I graduated from college. I studied audio recording so for four years I spent time really learning about sound, how to record, use audio software and finding a sound of my own (which is still all over the place in my opinion). My style ranges anywhere from electronic hiphop beats to downtempo chill to electro soul funk. 

You have quite the show planned for New Year's Eve. What does it mean to be able to share the stage with these big names, in your hometown?
I could not be anymore stoked. Bluetech and Ott have been some of my biggest influences and are artists I hold in league of their own. They both have some of the best live shows I've ever seen. We are so incredibly lucky to have such high caliber producers for such an event, especially here in Cincy. Playing in front of the hometown crowd is awesome, despite the fact I grew up in Dayton, I came to Cincy a whole bunch as a kid and since moving here two years ago, it really feels like home. Once again, I could not be more stoked.

What can we expect from a live Aytiko performance?
I keep it pretty simple. Just me, my laptop, and my mpd (which is basically a giant musical keyboard which allows me to effect the sound, launch songs, blend tracks, etc). My shows are a blend of chill mixed with a teaspoon of midtempo groove and a pinch of electro hip hop, and maybe even a dash of downtempo world electronica. 

What is next for Aytiko?
Lots more shows, hopefully some out on the West coast and more around the Mid West. Also a new solo EP as well as a collab EP with Meiosis (Cole Brokamp of the Skeetones and Ethosine) are both in the works. And even some more super secret stuff on the horizon, needless to say I'm excited for whats ahead. 

Ott, Bluetech, Aytiko & Yheti
Madison Theater
Wednesday December 31st
8p Doors / 9p Show