Lily and Madeleine to Play The Taft Theatre

Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz from Indianapolis first started making music not thinking that it was going to be something to make a living off of. Now, here they are in a full-fledged career. What brought the sisters here has nothing to do with money but everything to do with the spirit.

Lily and Madeleine are opening for Over The Rhine on Saturday, December 20th at The Taft Theatre. We sat down with the sisters prior to this amazing night of music!

Give us some background on Lily & Madeleine…
Madeleine: We're sisters from Indianapolis. Though we grew up together, we each have different personalities. Some of my favorite things are: kittens, fried pickles, and running.  
Lily: Madeleine and I are super different in personalities but we pretty much like and do the same things. I am a big fan of comedy T.V. shows, food, and cats.  

What has been a highlight of your career thus far?
M: Releasing our second album Fumes was very exciting. It pushed us farther in our writing and arranging and helped us start to make sense of our music as a business too. 
L: We've transitioned from doing this as a hobby to doing this professionally and to me that is the highlight. I get to make music as my job! The whole career is a highlight. 

Tell us about your writing process…
M: Everything we do is collaborative. The writing, arranging, harmonizing. Usually one of us will start something separately and then bring it to the other and develop it from there. 
L: Yeah we don't really write every single day but I try to at least gather ideas about songs everyday. 

We last saw you in Cincinnati at Bunbury Music Festival. Did you get to experience the festival at all? If so what were some highlights? Whether playing or other…
M: We played there last summer and it was so fun!! Paramore and Fall Out Boy were on the main stage that night and they put on a great show. I brought my boyfriend along that day and we danced to Fly Golden Eagle and Kishi Bashi after our set. It was a great time. 
L: Yeah that was a blast! Definitely the best festival we've played in the US.

What is next for Lily & Madeleine?
M: We're thinking about another record. But first we're focusing mainly on promoting Fumes and relaxing for a bit.
L: Yeah I wanna do more, try new things, travel more, make more music, and keep this going. 


Lily and Madeleine
w/ Over The Rhine
The Taft Theatre
Saturday, December 20th
7p doors / 8p show


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