Dinnerview with Steven Walls of The Fabulous Byurd Brains

Who is Steven Walls? Why does he love hot dogs? What wild and crazy stunt will he come up with next. I'll attempt to root out all the answers, over an intimate Taco Bell lunch for two.


Elaina: Is it “Fabulous Byurd Brains” or “The Fabulous Byurd Brains?
Steven: There's definitely an article. It's The or Thee, either one is acceptable. If it's a formal event, I'd go with Thee typically, but if I'm like in a hurry, like I've got to go to the bathroom, but before I go let me tell you about my band, I'd just use The. We know how it's pronounced, but we're not gonna tell you. Granted, we're the artists, we're gonna let other people be artists in their own way, and a big part of art is interpretation, so they're welcome do do it their way and we'll do it our way and everything’s fine.

Elaina: How did you get involved with The Fabulous Byurd Brains.
Steven: I was asked to stop showing up to practice and I started, you know, bringing beer, so when they ran out they'd let me hang out. You know, it's a big jug and it takes a lot of beer to fill it up, so of course I have to come packin'. Of course I might have a couple beers left over. But you know when we get on stage we're stone cold sober the whole time, no exceptions, and really really professional. Billy Catfish is a great leader, and my mom thinks he's handsome. My cat doesn't like the band, I tried playing the songs really loud for her and she ran away. I think everyone else will like it.

Elaina: What make you and Billy Catfish AKA Willy Fishsticks such a dynamic duo?
Steven: Probably our dynamics and the fact that Billy is such a great leader. He's led me to believe that we're in this awesome band, and I do believe him, but if it weren't for him I probably wouldn't.

Elaina: What inspired you to play the jug?
Steven: That was the instrument I can fill with the most beer, and I'm going to be drinking while I play anyway, so it's like killing two birds with one stone really.

Elaina: How did you love of hot dogs and hard boiled eggs begin?
Steven: I think love is a little bit of an overstatement, certainly there's an infatuation there. But you can't deny the musical innuendo with hot dogs and hard boiled eggs. I think when you're combining eggs and wieners it puts you in the best position to produce something. I really believe that. If you're missing one, you're not going to have anything after that.

Elaina: Do you have any superpowers?
Steven: I can do arithmetic like the rain man. I'm not autistic or anything, but I practiced my math tables a lot when I was in grade school. Give me a two digit number and a one digit number and I'll have it multiplied in no time. Also, I've never met anyone that can run as slow as I can, even at full speed. I remember running laps in school or whatever, or running away from people, and everyone always outruns me every single time. Oh, and, you know that movie, white men can't jump? That was written about me.

Elaina: Who would you want to play you in a movie?
Steven: I'm gonna have to go with Jlo, same a$$, makes sense.

Elaina: To what would you credit your stardom and success?
Steven: Me. Well, no, it's not my fault, nothing's my fault. Well, the courts beg to differ, but that's something else entirely. Most of my success and stardom comes from Billy being such a great leader.

Elaina: Anything special planned for Friday's show at Northside Tavern.
Steven: I'm going to drink the blood of an innocent. I don't want to spill all the beans, but that's the one I'm most looking forward to because I love drinking things.



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