Christine Havrilla Ready to Bring Some Noise

Christine Havrilla's music is self described as "Neofunkadlicfolkpoptwangrock". Christine utilizes the soft gritty texture of her vocals to express warmth and honesty listeners quickly embrace as well as her aggressive, raw, trash-style guitar playing. Named "One of the Top Ten Indie Artists" by The Advocate Magazine, The Washington Post writes, “(Havrilla’s) songs are intelligent and moving, the arrangements are incisive and colorful, and, best of all, Havrilla consistently comes across as a confident and seasoned performer.” 

Christine Havrilla started playing guitar at the age of 5 and never looked back! Brought up in a musical family, she was encouraged to explore music as much as possible as she learned via “experience” only, never having studied music or taken lessons.  Like a sponge, Christine absorbed the melodies & rhythms around her. Her dad, John, had a gospel band that was a huge influence with all of that as well as playing guitar at catholic school, with friends outside of school, finally joining a band in college, quitting college, and THEN pursuing music on her own as a singer/songwriter.  In 1996 Christine released her 1st CD and has continued to make recordings ever since. With 8 Studio albums, 1 live bootleg, 1 live living room session, and 1 Collection under her belt, there is plenty more music to come from this artist that utilizes the soft gritty texture of her vocals to express warmth and honesty listeners quickly embrace as well as her aggressive, raw, trash-style guitar playing.  Christine has also played with other live and recording projects on bass, guitar, mandolin, vocals, and enjoys collaborating with other musicians who come from the heart and gut.

Havrilla decided to make music her full time gig by 1999. Christine Havrilla  has brought her, “Well-built, catchy, smart tunes,” (Upstage Magazine) to audiences everywhere, touring nationally solo and also with the support of her band.  Havrilla adds, “It's always an adventure...”

Where do you draw inspiration?
I think there are a few different places for inspiration…some for creativity and some for determination… I am inspired to write when I hear a story from a friend, watch a movie, drive in my car, read something moving, hear a melody in my head, feel a beat in my soul, see beauty, see peacefulness, if I am near water, did I say driving in my car?!! All sorts of feelings can lead to a new song idea, which gives a nice outlet…when I feel “moved”, I am encouraged to write.  I also 99% of the time bring on music/melodies first…words come later.   As far as inspiration for keeping at this- THAT is another part that independent musicians need in order to keep going :o)

When I feel like a song has landed on someone who needed to hear it, that inspires me. At times I can get frustrated, however always getting an encouraging word from a fan or friend, in person, in email, on facebook, about a song & how it helped them…how a show made someone feel better…THAT is something that reminds me to keep at it! 

What can one except at a live Christine Havrilla show?
Oh, I like to make a lot of noise, I like to smile & have fun, interact with the people there…whether solo or duo or with my band, I like to bring up the energy & grab the vibe of the room & run with it…also at times bringing it down way low…I truly believe DYNAMICS play a very important key in a successful show…there are different types of songs that I have, different types of people in the room…everyone has their own story as well as mine, so it is important to me to connect/express/relate/share…Playing my guitar is about the best thing in the world for me, so I hope my excitement carries over to the fans listening!

What is next for Christine Havrilla?
I am always growing and evolving, always writing, always learning…Right now I am in the middle of recording and releasing a series of Live Sessions, with Vol. 1- The Creamery Sessions and Vol. 2- The Sunset Sessions now available.  

I am getting ready to record Vol. 3- The Bean Sessions, and then have a few more lined up.  These are great for me because we get to share the live feeling of a show & at times even have fans in the audience!
I am also finishing up a side project called “3 Stories High” where I am the bass player, starting a new side project with fellow friends & musicians Christine Moll & Gretchen Schultz…always trying to tour & share my music with people ANYwhere.  I would love to get in on a Tour with a bigger-named act, but will continue to pursue my own shows as much as possible, continue living the life of an independent musician, work hard at keeping my music alive, encourage & help other indy artists any way I can, support music & art & writers & poets, keep my gratefulness & integrity, keep moving forward any way I can.

Being a part of benefits & foundation events is on my agenda, too.  I also like being distracted by my ukulele, I am working on more mandolin based songs, working on more looping and sounds…just enjoying & embracing it all!

Catch Christine Havrilla at Downtowne Listening Room on Saturday November 15th with Kevin Stokley! Go grab an advance ticket HERE


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