Cardboard Derby Release Teaser to New Album

Cardboard Derby has released a teaser for their new album Bad Dreams! The album will be released in December and the band has recently been signed to Soundlink Records. The video teaser embodies those nights all us of have experienced, being in a room full of people but feeling all alone.  Just waiting for something, anything. 

Keep your eye out for this band! Stay tuned to for details on the release of the album and in the meantime, get to know Cardboard Derby a bit better.

Give us some background on Cardboard Derby…
Cardboard Derby started about 5 years ago when I really wanted to start playing folk music. I had played in a few punk bands since I was 14 and it was always a great time but the bands always seemed to fall apart. I start doing open mics around 17 when I got my first acoustic guitar. I was really into Dashboard Confessional, Brand New and Neil Young and as I kept getting influenced by other music, Cardboard Derby became it's own sound. I really liked what I wrote and it felt good so I kept doing it.  

Tell us about the writing / recording process for the new album, Bad Dreams
The writing process of the album was one of the best, I feel, I've ever had. I wrote the album about "bad dreams" and loosely based it with a  mix of experiences I had in real life. I kind of just wrote the album over time. I was actually in school for barbering and playing only when I had the time, when a good friend and business owner told me he was going to start a label. So naturally when he wanted me to record, I said yes. We work on the album for about a year, and to make ends meet I worked at the studio. Then the hard drive crashed and all the music we had worked on was gone. We were all completely a wreck for a little bit as we sent it off to places trying to get it fix. No one could fix the hard drive so we started over from scratch,  But it was really kind of nice. We all decided it was a fresh start and went back to work. I feel the album is even better than what it would have been, because of the time I've had with it.

When going to record the music video for "Sleeper's Song", did the lyrics of the song come into play?
Oh yeah, the song actually came to me when I was at a bar, mad about a girl I liked at the time, and thinking about how the situation I was in was like a waiting room. So when we did the video I wanted it to feel like that moment and I'm stoked it actually worked.  

What is next for Cardboard Derby after the release of the new album?
We're going to Disney world! Haha, well maybe not but we are planning out a tour, I'm currently writing the next album and I'm just ready for when this album become what it needs to be. Then I can do tours, future albums and so I can do what I love doing for as long as I can. And I've got a lot of plans.