Buffalo Killers Fireball of Sulk - An Album Review

A worthy masterpiece has presented itself out of nowhere to be thankful for this holiday season. We should all come together to celebrate the Buffalo Killers, and their new album and soon to be a classic Fireball of Sulk.

Of all Cincinnati related bands, one could easily argue that the Buffalo Killers are the most under-rated of all, and yet that might start to change with their latest offering. The guitar work, perfectly placed drums, and stellar vocals of this band in the here and now are something to behold and be a part of.

Some earlier reviews have already mentioned the reminiscent tones of The Beatles or Alex Chilton and Big Star, but there is a great bit more offered here for many generations. The tunes soar to a highpoint with a Redd Kross type sound, that also combines elements of the free-flowing vocals of Nirvana, and a lyrical coolness of QOTSA. The guitars and vocals quickly allow a mind to drift away into a trance-like state, especially on "Marshmallow Mouth." The peak era Rick Nielsen type guitars make it hard to sit still. The melodic and passionate pleas on "Don't Cry to Me" are immediately classic, and hearken back to some of the very best tunes of the nineties while still sounding ultra fresh.

Although the overall album theme might evoke depression, there is a special warm glow to this album that makes it comforting. On "In a Number" the listener is transported to the vocal booth right there alongside the singer, watching the guitarist solo (on multiple parts) thru the studio glass. The listener yearns to be there because the pure sounds of the band pull at an internal chord that is universally comprehended. 

Zachary and Andrew Gabbard have written themselves a majestic soundtrack for picking up, heading to the next challenge, and moving beyond it. There is an abandonment on this record of trying to be anything, and that in itself carries allows the sounds to go to new places. By the time the guitar crusade ends on "Something Else" I was ready for 6 more songs and I think you will be too. 

There is no trying to "indie cool" but instead a full frontal attack of sonic battalions of darkness from the Buffalo Killers. After a few songs you can almost see the indescribable fireball in the night sky. Certainly their LIVE event this week, on the night before Thanksgiving, will be a chance you shouldn't miss to witness these guys in person.

Such a remarkable, well produced score emerges from the Fireball of Sulk. I have to honestly say this is my favorite "local" related album I have heard all year. It will be extra cool to see them perform some of the new songs in person. The acclaim for this release is coming from far and wide, and it's certain that the band will enjoy terrific opportunities with this coming tour.

See them LIVE in Cincinnati on Wednesday, November 26th at Northside Tavern with Soledad Brothers. Doors at 9p with the show at 10p.  A must see event, and I want the album on vinyl...


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