Daniel In Stereo to Premiere Video “Son Be Careful”

Daniel In Stereo will be premiering the video for “Son Be Careful” tomorrow on CincyMusic.com! In anticipation to the release, we sat down with Daniel Chimusoro of Daniel In Stereo

Tell us about the preparation for the making of the video for "Son Be Careful”…
As far as the narrative, the director(Nick Staresinic) and I skyped and discussed what the inspiration for the song was. Then Nick and Assistant Director(Johnny Kup) took that inspiration and came up with a couple different story lines for the video, my friend Dan Crowe who also contributed his drumming for the EP and makes an appearance in the video, also contributed to the narrative for the video. For the performance potion of the video, we were looking for an attic and Dan reminded me of this space that the 86 Club had in the basement that we joked about using when we were recording the drums for the EP, Thankfully the 86 Club let us use their space (again lol) and it worked out rather nicely. 


Did the songwriting process for the song come into play within the video production?
Yes ma’am. Initially the storyline for the video was going to be a more dramatic version of the events that happened during the process of me writing the song, fortunately Nick and Johnny were able to save me from having to do that much acting by coming up with a better narrative. 


Speaking of the songwriting process, tell us how about your songwriting process…
When it comes to songwriting, I normally work on the music first and then start writing the lyrics based on the music I have. Son Be Careful is a weird one because it all came at once which is bittersweet, the “bitter” part being normally I have to sit on the music for a while and then write the lyrics, I will make a live/mock version of the song to play at shows to see how it works in a show context. The sweet part being, there is an awesome energy that exists that’s hard to describe that exists when everything comes together all at once. 


What is next for Daniel In Stereo?
I have started writing songs for a new body of work that I am aiming to start recording at the beginning of next year, the amount of material I have at the end of the year will determine whether it will be an e.p or a full length album. I am going to be recording a song called “Trouble” in the next few weeks just tying up a couple loose ends with that and I have a show on the 24th of October at Maudie’s supporting Jamwave. I am currently booking shows for November and December, and starting the preparation/planning process for 2015. Thank you guys (CincyMusic.com) for premiering the video! 

Stay tuned tomorrow to CincyMusic.com for the premiere of the video for “Son Be Careful” by Daniel In Stereo


Video Premiere: Daniel In Stereo "Son Be Careful"

Check out the premiere of Daniel In Stereo's video for "Son Be Careful": Check out our interview with Daniel Chimusoro HERE!