96ROCK's Fin to join Bogart's Team

Earlier this week we were all saddened to learn that Karen Foley would be leaving team Bogart's as their General Manager. Every time someone leaves a position like that one asks themselves who could possibly fill shoes so large. Well, Live Nation answered the question with a very appropriate response, Fin from 96Rock! Many know him as an on-air personality and programming director for 96ROCK (and formerly of WEBN). A few of us that have been around long enough remember the days when he worked at Bogart's, so it's fitting for it all to come full circle. I'm sure the decision was not an easy one for him. He poured a lot of heart & soul in to that station, and I doubt it would be where it is today without that effort. We will certainly miss his passion for music on the air, but now we get to see that passion in a new form as the GM of Bogart's! Below is his note on Facebook:


Your passion for, and commitment to, the resurrected 96ROCK has been as humbling as it has been remarkable. I came back to Cincinnati in 2007 to work with people dedicated to giving you a true choice where there has rarely been one.

Together - (you, me, us) - we have done just that…..and will continue to do so. 

You have stepped up and said ‘I want a station that returns the respect that I am willing to give it’. I know we have worked very hard to fulfill that wish. Over these first seven years we have celebrated successes and made mistakes. The beauty of it is that you’ve cared enough to stand with us during both.

96ROCK has evolved over the years with one core mission: To give you the chance to hear, see, feel and celebrate music that, whether you always agree with it or not, represents the continued expansion of the ‘rock’ universe. From Avenged Sevenfold to Rob Zombie (and all of the Imagine Dragons, Pop Evils’, Black Keys, Halestorms’, Royal Bloods’, Volbeats and Fall Out Boys’ in between) we’ve been lucky, as rock fans, to continue to shift and grow with the ONLY format that respects and delivers ‘texture’.

If we all agreed on everything this would be a very boring world.

The ‘center’ sound of the station (the 90’s tunes we all refused to grow up with) is enhanced by so many bands that we’ve been proud to debut. I’ve always been proud of the massive numbers of bands we’ve introduced your ears, and your Sharpies, to over the years. We have not, and will not, sit back and ‘play it safe and comfortable’, in spite of the fact that we tend to be known as a city that ‘always does what it always does’. ‘Lazy’ has never been part of the 96ROCK vernacular.

Your feedback has ALWAYS been a big part of our flight plan. I promise. That which you love, lives on. That which you can do without, eventually finds its way out.
96ROCK will, with your continued support, continue to be that outlet for you….and me.

I remind you of all of that so that I can tell you this:

I have accepted the challenge of putting my passion for music to work as the new shepherd for a familiar friend. I invite you all to raise a glass and your voices with me as I return to Short Vine to help guide Bogart’s through the celebration of its 40th year and beyond.

96ROCK will continue to be your source for shows you know and, maybe more importantly, bands that perhaps you don’t. I am proud knowing that, together, we’ll continue to make that happen, on a national act and a LOCAL BAND level. I look forward to seeing you ‘at the show’.

You have given me 7 of the best years of my life; professionally, and otherwise. I can’t thank you enough for that. I look forward to our continued celebration of music as I step aside to watch 96ROCK continue its evolution as the station you count of for everything outlined above.

Friday, ROCKtober 31st from 10a-2p will my final day to celebrate 25 fantastic years in radio and I’m very lucky that I’ll get to do it with Bridget, JD, Vinny and you. 

The future of 96ROCK is in very good hands. 


While we have your attention, enter to win tickets to these shows at Bogart's (we are always adding more, so check back soon):
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10/31: Relient K
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