Evolving over the past fifteen years, OK Go has built and developed their creative palette of pop-rock smarts, musical friendship, and innovations in the music industry.  In 1998, the quartet consisting of Damian Kulash (vocals/guitar), Tim Nordwind (bass), Dan Konopka (drummer), and Andy Ross (guitar) formed in Chicago and relocated to Los Angeles, spending their time perfecting their musical craft, continuously transforming.  The band first starting turning heads with their imaginative videos, beginning in their boy band dance, in A Million Ways, from their album, Oh No, and continued their success mixing cleverly made videos with melodic pop tunes, as in their video for their hit Here It Goes Again, featuring the band dancing on treadmills.  Pure genius!

Since their start, the band has been perfecting their unique craft of music, releasing a total of four albums, including 180/365, completely live.  However, the band creative outlet has not let fans down.  Their newest album, Hungry Ghosts is set to release in October, complete with nothing less than the expertise of OK Go.  Between the need to have a quiet house party in Turn Up the Radio and crave to turn it into an instant dance party of I Won’t Let You Down, the same sounds and ideas that brought the band together over a decade ago and made them popular today, cascade in nothing less than fun, interconnected performances, videos, and dances - music as unique at the band itself.   Showcased in my favorite video and song, The Writing’s on the Wall is not only an imaginative, cascade of color and shapes, complete with brain stunning illusions to ponder your mind, but it most definitely will keep you bop to its beat.  Get ready!  Get set! Go see OK Go this Saturday at Washington Park!