Hudepohl 14k Brewery Run Course Entertainment

As an avid runner, I make it a special point to thank the people that wake up early to support runners along the courses of our various races downtown. I think a VERY special shout out is in order for the musicians that line our race courses in the wee hours of the morning. In most cases, these are the people out playing shows until 2am.. So it is quite the task to load-in for your entertainment at 6am. This phenomenon of courses being lined with cheering people and musicians is unique to Cincinnati. The folks over at The Flying Pig Marathon have done a fantastic job of building a supportive culture along their routes!

The Hudepohl 14K and 7K Brewery Run is tomorrow morning (at 8am)! Here is a list of the artists lining the route to keep you going. Make sure you give them an extra thank you as you pass by!

Audio Mayhem
Chico Converse
The Ricky Williams Duo
Leo Clarke
Tim & Kevin: The Queen City Drums Experience
Allen Lee Scott
Evan Ray
Stefanie Zimmer
Equator Bear
Shaun Henry
Ben Alexander
John Ladd
Bill Littleford Trio
Defiant Tuba Force
Christina Schnetzer w/LARS
Zebras In Public
Scott Carnder
Eva Ross

More info on the Hudepohl 14K Brewery Run can be found here.