The pop duo may cause riots as they sweep the nation’s clubs, bars, living rooms, and festivals, but Fort Wilson Riot is no stranger to its fans.  The band, native to Minneapolis, is comprised of Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis, split its time between recording and touring, releasing four albums thus far, beginning with an indie-rock opera, Idigaragua, complete with a full assemble of actors and dancers.  Following up with the protests of Predator/Prey, Fort Wilson Riot interestingly include a two part number, Pieces of the War, that begins with the sweet sound of a harmonica, tantric drums, and a cozy, almost lullaby voices in part 1, Love Song for Maybe Burlingham, that serenades you with a touch of the trumpet, followed by its counterpart, Lean on Me, bringing with it the harsh but soothing electric sound.  If you think the band was not ambitious enough, they caused pandemonium once again with Generation Complex, experimenting with harmonized vocals and electric pop.

Just this year Fort Wilson has been disturbing the nation with its latest record, Trilliun, released earlier this year.  Taking uncontrolled violence to another dimension, the album explores a raging hypnotic newly explored R &B boundary, including my favorite Yes Indeed.  Although a leap from the band’s norm, fans can still expect familiar rowdiness - Amy’s gently soprano soaring high above the crowd of Jacob’s bite, the familiar dual of the harmonica and trumpet, and the wild turbulence of the guitars, keys, and drums.  Let’s riot this Friday at the Know Theatre!