DownTowne Listening Room Host Alice Wallace

In the last two years, singer/songwriter Alice Wallace has self-released two albums, earned “Best Country/Americana” and “Best Live Band” nominations in the Orange County Music Awards, and has played shows and festivals in more than 40 cities stretching across 10 U.S. states. And she is just getting started.

Alice’s style is heavily influenced by modern folk singers like Patty Griffin and Brandi Carlile, but is also rooted strongly in the iconic voices that have defined folk and country music for decades: Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Linda Ronstadt.  The 10 tracks on Alice’s new release, “A Thousand Miles From Home,” range from soulful blues to twangy country, but all of the songs have Alice’s distinct blend of influences across the folk, country and blues spectrums.

Alice Wallace is playing at DownTowne Listening Room Thursday September 18th with local, Kevin Stokley. Go grab tickets now and receive a free song download from each artist HERE

We sat down with Alice Wallace prior to the show next week!

When do you decide you wanted to do music full time? 
I quit my job in March of 2013 to finally devote all my time to music. It was a move I had been contemplating for a very long time, but it took me awhile to get up the courage to finally make the leap. I haven't regretted a minute of it, though. I feel so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to pursue my dream. I realize many people do not get the chance to do the same, so I certainly try to enjoy every moment.  

Give us some background on Alice Wallace…
I'll attach a bio below so you can read more, but here are some basics: I grew up in Florida, and made the move to southern California about six years ago. My mom grew up in Los Angeles, and when she and my dad decided to move back out here, I came along. I came out here with the intention of focusing on my music, but it took until last year to finally convince myself to quit my job and give music my full attention. Since then, I have been touring almost non-stop, usually finding myself on the road for at least a couple weeks out of every month. With every tour, I meet more and more amazing people to support me as I work to get my music out to a wider audience. 

Tell us about your songwriting process…
I am a very emotionally-driven songwriter, for the most part. Most of my songs revolve around my own experiences in life and love, and are written from a very personal perspective. But I also consciously try to write in such a way that the songs can be interpreted in different ways depending on the listener. Music has a way of speaking to people in ways that you sometimes can't even anticipate as a songwriter, and I try to facilitate that as much as I can.  

What can we expect at an Alice Wallace show?
My performances can vary pretty widely based on the audience and the setting, but I am very much looking forward to playing at the DownTowne Listening Room because those kinds of intimate performance environments are absolutely the best for my kind of songwriting. I love to be able to tell people some of the stories that have inspired me to write. I love to be able to connect with the audience and feel like they are in the performance with me. So, you can expect a lot of stories - some embarrassing, some funny, some sad - and lots of music. And yodeling. There is always yodeling.  

What is next for Alice Wallace?
This Cincinnati show is part of a month-long tour that is taking me through four states in the Midwest, and then on to Texas and Oklahoma. Once I get back to southern California in mid-October, I'll be mostly sticking around the West coast for the rest of the year. And hopefully, I'll be able to start thinking about my next album. I've written a lot of songs in the last year that have been so well-received at shows and I am anxious to get them recorded and out to my fans who are so amazingly supportive of my career. So, with any luck, there may be a new Alice Wallace album forthcoming early next year.