Bonesetters – One of MPMF’s Hidden Gems

Bonesetters are no strangers to Cincinnati. They performed at Midpoint in 2010 and 2012 and also played a Saturday set at Bunbury this past summer. They hail from Muncie, Indiana and have ties to another central Indiana bred indie mainstay - Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s (Margot’s bassist Tyler Watkins did production work on both of their full-length albums).

Their sophomore effort Figure It Out came out last January and builds upon the momentum carried over from their first release - 2011’s Savages. Figure it Out is a bit more upbeat, with its fair share of standout tracks - most notably “Sundowners” and “Saints Led Astray”. The former contains a driving chorus highlighted by lead singer Dan Snodgrass’s sailing vocals. The latter relies on a slow, meandering trumpet/violin combo to provide the perfect accompaniment to its methodical drum/guitar-work and foggy vocals. The tracks offer two slightly different approaches to songwriting that both work in their own way.   

You can catch Bonesetters at Cincinnati’s oldest tavern - Arnold’s Bar & Grill - this Saturday at 11pm. They’re part of a packed Midpoint Music Festival lineup that night, but definitely worth making room for.