Bailiff Bring Dark Pop to MPMF

Like a Queens Of The Stone Age of Motown, Bailiff has the staggering ability to blend upbeat pop elements with heavy rock undertones to create a new kind of  “dark pop.” Bailiff plays MPMF Saturday on the Midway Stage at 7:15p! 

We caught up with the band prior to the set to talk cigars, flannels and jury duty.

Give us some background on Bailiff…
Josh and Ren met at an hourly rehearsal room for a first jam. Josh wore a "musician-y" flannel, Ren wore a t-shirt. Josh and Ren met Owen at their band house for a first jam. Owen was wearing a denim jacket with a furry collar. Josh and Owen discussed how they were both owners of an expensive juicer. Health is #1.  

Tell us how you came to your band name…
One of the band members was ruffled up by a team over-sized bailiffs while trying to enter a courthouse for jury duty. They had their story and he had his.  

What we can expect of a live Bailiff show?
Drums and Bass that rumble like a tumbleweed, Guitars that poke and jab like a paranoid boxing coach, Vocals that sound like they're running through Auto-tune, but they're not, they are just like that. 

What has been your most memorable experience as a band thus far?
We have a cigar habit that has led us into some strange rooms. We played a show in Iowa and walked to a "lounge" that our phone said would have cigars. We stepped into a David Lynch movie, quickly bought cigars from a man in a toga and body paint in a black room with bean bag chairs, and then walked back to the venue and played for about 14 people. We befriended the bartender and he let us stay at his house afterwards. He consumed some intoxicants and then we all watched "Goonies" until he fell asleep. That was a memorable day for us and probably for the man who sold us cigars because he looked like he hadn't seen a person in 8 years. It was not a memorable day for the bartender though.  

What is next for Bailiff?
We're off to Lincoln, Nebraska and then New York City for some more festivals after Midpoint. When we're not on the road we're writing our next batch of songs. Oh, and our latest EP Remise II comes out on October 7th. Also, keep an eye out for the new music video for "Helicopter." It's gonna be big.