Sundy Best Ready to Rock tSGHR

Sundy Best are headed back to Cincinnati this Thursday August 28th. Sundy Best is a duo from Kentucky- Nick Jamerson who sings and plays the guitar and Kris Bentley plays the cajon.  They last visited our fair city for the Buckle Up Music Festival. It was evident then that Sundy Best are going places. Sundy Best re-imagines timeless classic rock of the 70’s and 80’s and modernizes it in their own unique way.

We caught up with the duo prior to the show to get some background on this up and coming band.

We last saw you in Cincinnati at Buckle Up Music Festival. Do you prefer to play festivals or more intimate settings?
It's been a summer of festivals it seems like, which has been great. We've gotten to play in a lot of different places, in front of a lot of different people, and it has worked really well for us. We enjoy the intimate shows too though. Festivals feel like speed dating, and intimate shows more like a serious relationship. We get our fill out of both, the only difference is we have to be a little more gentlemen-like in an intimate setting.  

How did you determine your band name?
We both grew up playing and singing in church on Sunday mornings.  

What is next for Sundy Best?
What's next for us? In the process of recording a new album, continuing to tour across the country, and hopefully continuing to spread the word about what we have going on. Gonna be an exciting next couple of months.  

Sundy Best
w/ Eric Heatherly
The Southgate House Revival
Thursday August 28th