Michael Buble' Was Born to Perform

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Sometimes there are natural born performers. People can spend a lifetime learning how to sing, dance, or play an instrument, but I truly believe performing is something that is within. One can certainly overcome stage fright and practice public speaking, but there are people that are born with the gift to entertain.  Already a fan, I had to pleasure to see and photograph  Michael Bublé for the first time on July 29th at U.S. Bank Arena.  I must admit, I was a bit anxious and didn't know what to expect. 

Michael Buble

As the thousands of fans eagerly awaited, the lights slowly dimmed until they were interrupted by an explosion and a wave of fire, ripping across the stage. Bublé appeared in the spotlight, and I knew at that moment, this was going to be interesting.  He opened with the standard “Fever,” and then busted right into “Haven’t Met You Yet.” The crowd never missed a beat, singing and dancing as Bublé played their soundtrack for the evening.  He ended the song, “The past 2 shows there has been a lady in the front row who is so overly excited I couldn't figure out if she wanted to run up on stage and give me a hug or kill me. In the middle of the second song, I looked out and there she was in the front row!”  Buble flew off stage into the audience and sprinted to the mystery girl, just to hug her.  After returning to the stage, he spoke about his new role as a father, “My 10 month old is cooler to hang out with than Justin Beiber,” he belted out such classics as “Moondance” and “You Make Me Feel So Young,” exhibiting subtle dance moves as he slid across the stage in his penguin suit.   He also mentioned his love for the American Songbook and how he used to listen to all of the classics with his grandfather.

Michael Buble

Team Buble, Buble’s band was introduced, each member having their own unique story.  Their profiles appeared on the big screen as Buble commentated their awesomeness, “This guy is such a badass when he goes to sleep, the sheep count him.” After his introductions ending with the piano player, he went into a song he has been playing since he was just 17, “Thank you for being a friend. Travel down the road and back again."  Most of us know it as The Golden Girls theme song.  This sent the crowd into a roar, howling like a pack of wolves.  During his rendition of “That’s All,” the crowd got silent and still. It was chillingly beautiful. The Van Morrison classic “Crazy Love” exhibited his range, as the cell phone lighters swayed from side to side to the rhythm. “Home” was dedicated to the service men and families.  During his rendition of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” he was true to his word on giving back what the audience put into his show, instructing them to stand up and dance, reciprocating by jumping off  the stage and  running through the audience.  The Beatles classic “All You Need Is Love” followed, as heart-shaped confetti exploded all over the audience and Buble’s energy and happiness infected each and every one of our souls.  The performance ended with Bublé belting out an Elvis tune and his classic “Beautiful Day,” electrifying the audience.  As he left the stage, he  mouthing silently, “You are perfect!”  He returned shortly to screaming fans for just a few more songs including “Save the Last Dance” and “Song for You, ” all equally extravagant, entertaining, and full of vibrant color and dancing panels. 

At a Michael Bublé concert, you are never bored. You are never tired. It's as if you are in his living room. You are a part of his performance. He is someone who is born to perform.  He spreads his gift beautifly,  through his voice, optimism, sense of humor, and storytelling. There is nothing like the Michael Bublé experience. One I will never forget.

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Michael Buble