Get to Know the Download of the Week Band, Technicolor Monster

What inspired the song, “Cave In”?
The inspiration for Cave In is actually from personal experience. For a long time I felt completely alone, even in the most crowded rooms. It was a very hard time for me in my life. I wrote the song as a way of conquering it. It's a song for anyone like me, so that they can just scream it out, and hopefully feel not as alone. It's for any one who's scared, lonely, or lost. Its to bring hope. I'm actually the primary lyricist and songwriter in the band, and all of the songs off of our first album (currently in the works) are about the things that I have faced throughout my life, up to the starting of Technicolor Monster. 

How did you pick your band name?
The meaning behind our band name is a very fun thing to talk about actually, haha. Logan and I both really enjoy classic monster films, most of which had "IN FULL TECHNICOLOR" written on there posters. So when we initially decided to perform under that moniker, it was for that reason. As the band/we grew though, it took a meaning of it's own for us. It now means to take anything scary, evil, terrifying, horrible, dark, or all around unsettling, and make it technicolor. Because let's face it, no ones afraid of a technicolor monster. And it actually took on this meaning because of the way we write our songs. We try and write happy songs for sad people. Meaning that our songs are upbeat, fun, energetic, scream and shout dance tunes, when it comes to the way they sound. Lyrically and meaning wise though, they are songs for people going through trials and hardships. A way for them to connect to something that hopefully will bring them hope. We try and write songs for everyone, happy and sad, so that's what we hope people take away. 

What is next for Technicolor Monster?
On to what's next: always writing material, and playing out as much as we can, haha. Currently in the early stages of the recording process for our debut, full length LP. We hope to have that done and released later this year/early 2015. It features many of the songs we've been playing live, plus new ones no one had heard yet. A Cave In music video is also in the planning stages, and we hope to shoot that as soon as we get the song professionally recorded. We are also always trying to improve our live show and the experience that it is. As truly believe in putting on a show, and not just playing songs. Making the crowd a part of it. That's why we call them 'The Club' because they are just as much a part of this as we are. We've also begun to try and seek out venues in other cities and states, so that we can tour out, and spread this music around. We are always striving to make this our career, that is the end goal. This is what Logan and I plan to do for the rest of our lives, and we are beyond grateful to anyone who supports that.

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