Get to Know Download of the Week Band, One Day Steady

Download "Drifing Away" by One Day Steady HERE!

Give us some backstory on One Day Steady…
One Day Steady formed long before the current group you see today. Tucker Stremming and Ryan Peters began writing music together in 2008 with a prior music project but did not get serious until the end of 2010 when One Day Steady actually formed. In the beginning we had some different members that played but established the line-up of Ryan Peters on Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Tucker Stremming on Lead Guitar, Garrett Skirvin on Drums and Garrett Zimmerman on Bass Guitar. Everyone in the group has very distinct and different musical backgrounds but we all enjoyed 90’s-esque alternative rock which is the foundation of the sound we deliver.

What was the inspiration for “Drifting Away”? Also tell us about your writing process...(Ryan) While sitting in my room I fumbled across the main chord progression for “Drifting Away”. I was at a time in my life when I felt it was hard to believe anything people said would ever pan out the way they claimed it would or that people simply lied because telling the truth was too hard for them to do. The lyrics came fairly easy for me because of how strongly I felt about this at the time with the main concept being that we are “drifting away” from our values as a society. The full musical arrangement was a group effort and came together with ease. This song was truly one of those moments for our band that just really clicked and made sense. When going into the writing process of our songs we generally try to be open minded and allow everyone to add their creativity into the song. We never have just one person dictating how we should make our songs which is why I feel we mesh so well. This group has been very refreshing because of how we all bring stuff to the table when we are making the musical composition of our songs. As far as lyrics go, I generally am the person who comes up with them and everyone helps to critique the words we use in our songs.

Where has been your favorite venue to perform thus far?
This is a really tough question for us to answer because we have had many shows that we have loved in the past. We would have to say that when we played Bogart’s for the Vine Ripened Homemade Jam. This venue has been on our bucket list since we started so it was an awesome experience to perform there!

A favorite experience as a band?
One of our favorite experiences as a band would have to be the mini tour we took with The Almost Heroes. We kicked off the tour at The Thompson House in Covington and made our way around through Flint, Chicago, & Indianapolis. The whole trip was a lot of fun and we are itching to get back out on the road again because of it!

What is next for One Day Steady?
The next big thing we have coming up is opening for Smash Mouth at the UC Red & Black Bash this Friday, August 29th. Since everyone in our group loves 90’s bands we cannot wait to open for them! This will easily be the biggest show we have played thus far with expectations of 10,000+ UC students in attendance. We are also in planning out a fall tour going towards the east coast and we cannot wait to be on the road again!